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CIS Social Media 360 delivers additional exposure to your business by creating and distributing content by way of socail media marketing across a variety of social media portals.

CIS Social Media 360... managed social media marketing...

The rapid convergence of the Internet, Web 2.0 and mobile technologies have created a significant and unexpected splash with respect to the way organizations conduct business. The era of (B2P) Business to Person business relationships has emerged.

All things Social Media including social media web sites, social networks and social influence is taking its rightful place in the way business is conducted today. Social media marketing combined with proper SEO (Search Engine Marketing) can have a significant impact on your online exposure.

This unique shift is bringing into question traditional marketing practices and having a distinct impact on how businesses interact, support and communicate with customers and prospects. This surge in direct customer communication has diminished the control that businesses have over reputation of brand as well as the sales process.

In today's environment there are vast networks that are seemlessly connected. Over ONE Billion people are connected to the Internet. FOUR Billion have mobile phones with data capabilities. These smartphones now account for more than 50% of new mobile phone sales.

"Traditional decision making processes are being disrupted by social media..."
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CIS Social Media 360 allows you to focus on your business while we handle the task of finding and interjecting your business expertise into relevant social media exposure points.

Business information and reputation has the ability to travel quicker than ever before with social media networks. CIS Social Media 360 gives your business the ability to leverage these networks to your advantage by:

Adding Strength To The Relationship Experience Of Prospects & Customers
Saving Businesses Time That Would Otherwise Be Spent On Managing Social Media
Providing Additional Strategic Points Of Positive Exposure And Influence
Connecting And Collaborating With Key Influencers Within A Given Market or Niche

Providing You With A Complete Report Of Your Monthly Social Media Activity
Listening For Opportunities Or Gaps In Services That Provide New Paths To Additional Business

CIS Social Media 360 provides businesses with an opportunity to get to know their customers more intimately and keep the finger on the pulse of their needs and behaviors.

The time is now to embrace strategically targeted communities to expose them to your businesses expertise. Contact us today and schedule a no obligation consultation to discuss your social media exposure needs.