CIS Web 2.0 Hub Features
  • - A Wide Array Of Colors & Designs
  • - Full Website With Interactive Features
  • - Streamline Design With Easy Navigation
  • - 5 Custom Domain Name Email Addresses
  • - Easily Editable By Owners
  • - 1 Hour Free Training Included
  • - Web Anaytics
What's A "CIS Web Hub" Web Site?
  • - A Web Site That Invites Interaction
  • - A Web Site With Unique Font Styles
  • - A Web Site With Expandable Functionality
  • - A Portfolio & Gallery Ready Web Site
  • - HD Video Ready Web Site
  • - With 3D Slideshow Portfolio Available...
  • - And Contact & Information Pages
  • - Enhanced Google Maps Also Included
Simple Unique Clean
  • - Ultra Premium Quality Designs
  • - Easy Navigation
  • - Customizable Backends
  • - Ultra Readable Typography
  • - Easily Integrate Content
  • - Magazine Layout & Appeal
  • - Invites Customer Comments
  • - Full Administrative Panel

Web News:

  • Consumers take notice of small business reviews.
  • Social Media continues to expose businesses to new prospects.
  • Web reviews and text marketing continues to attract new clients,
  • Web 2.0 Starter

    CIS Web 2.0 Starter

    If you're considering extending your buisiness practices to the Internet, you'll want to make sure that your web site delivers great content and a good intial customer experience.

    Start off right with a CIS Web 2.0 Starter Hub site. Designed to help you make your debut to the Internet all that you need it to be. Crisp clean designs that encourage user interaction and each site comes with 5 custom domain name email accounts.

    See Full Feature Chart...

  • Web 2.0 Social

    CIS Web 2.0 Hub Social

    Integrating your web hub(s) and content into social media networks can expose your brand, products and services... it also extends your exposure and positions you to expand your customer base.

    Get all the features of Web 2.0 Starter but add additional web marketing power with a special blend of social media marketing to further energize your web presence. CIS Social Media 360, a custom Twitter page, along with an expanded suite of additional web marketing tools will help expand your exposure and provide opportunities for additional growth. Contact us about CIS Web 2.0 Social...

  • Web 2.0 Premium

    CIS Web Hub Premium

    Ready to put your business or organization on the fast track to web exposure? CIS Web 2.0 Hub Premium provides just the tools you need to do so. In addition to all features found in Web 2.0 Starter & Web 2.0 Social you'll also be able to get great exposure with CIS Web Video Surge, monitor your online reputation with CIS Client Watch, deliver original content to directories with CIS custom written articles and blitz the market with custom TEXT message advertising.

  • Put your web marketing on steroids with CIS WEB 2.0 Premium... See Full Feature Chart...

CIS Web 2.0 Hub Feature Chart

Establish Your Online Presence Easily... 

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Web Analytics Training Provided With All CIS Web 2.0 Hub Sites....


CIS Web 2.0 Social...get involved in the conversation...               

CIS Web 2.0 Social builds upon the initial "Starter" package by adding a social media marketing arsenal of services. Custom content distributed to relevant social media web portals is included in this package. In additionCIS Web 2.0 Social includes a custom Twitter background to further brand your business or organization on Twitter. Custom banners & other needed creatives are also added to this package to further leverage your online exposure. Contact us about CIS Web 2.0 Social...

CIS Web 2.0 Premium...a FULL online marketing blitz...               

Serious about your online marketing? CIS Web 2.0 Premium delivers a significant blast to your online presence and helps you set the ctage for a unique customer or prospect experience. CIS Web 2.0 Premium deliver all the features of CIS Starter and CIS Social with several key web marketing additions. CIS Video Surge & CIS Client Watch are just a few services that will increase your online exposure and help you monitor your online reputation. Add mobile text messaging which enables you to reach customers and clients while they are on the go to gain even more attention. Customer articles are also developed and distributed to key content outlets to help you establish your business as an authority within your niche market. Contact us about CIS Web 2.0 Premium...