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CIS Interactive Web 2.0 Hubs

Whether you're just starting out online or if you simply want to re-energize your web presence, CIS Web 2.0 Hubs will help you establish a strong foundation for your online presence. Unlike standard "static" web sites these web properties encourage viewers to interact with your organization. Web 2.0 Hubs provide a true extension to your offline business activities by bringing the look and feel of your business online in a manner that will support your overall marketing efforts. Web Hub Starter, Web Hub Social & Web Hub Premium can help you address whatever needs you may currently have and provide the flexibility for future development and expansion.

Once your CIS Web Hub is set up, you can even update your own web hub with content at anytime! (text, images, video, etc...)

Even if you just learned how to use Notepad last week!


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CIS Client Watch - Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is the act of monitoring, addressing or mitigating search engine result pages, mentions or post in online media and web content. This process is aimed at influencing how your company or organization is perceived based on content found on the Internet. "Reputation content" typically appears in reviews, forums and other locations online and can have a significant impact on the perceptions of customers and prospects. As the amount of user-generated content on the Internet grows, the appearance or mention of your company and reputation becomes more meaningful. CIS Client Watch helps you monitor and manage your exposure. Learn more about CIS Client Watch.

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  • CIS Client Watch
  • CIS Client Watch

CIS Social Media 360 - Strategic Social Media For Business

The impact of social media on day to day business activity continues to grow. CIS Social Media 360 enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening in Social Media relative to your business and market.


After our initial consultation, we execute an in-depth analysis of exactly what's being posted on a wide array of Social Media outlets about your company or strategic keywords that are relevant to your market niche. We then find ways to strategically inject relevant content into social media portals to posture your company as a conversation participate. Doing so establishes your "voice" as an authority figure on that Social Media portal relative to your targeted keywords. This approach also drives new organic traffic to your web site. New traffic means additional exposure and new possibilities to create business relationships.


Finally a complete summary of your Social Media 360 activity is delivered to you for analysis and review. This information is once again analyzed and the process repeats itself based on new goals or objectives.


More notably, we also keep you abreast of exactly how social media is impacting online perception and relevant business activity. Establishing an online presence on today's web requires specific target marketing as well as Social Media ROI. CIS Social Media 360 is an excellent resource to do just that. Learn more about CIS Social Media 360.


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  • CIS Social Media
  • CIS Social Media

CIS Article Blitz - Keyword Targeted Article Development & Distribution

Fresh web content is one of the best ways to get recognized online. In addition, it serves as a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) magnet for major search engines. CIS Article Blitz combines relevant and informative article content with a distribution process that places your articles on strategic sites all over the web.


Each article is complete with a strategic keyword anchors and hyperlinks that serve as gateways that lead back to your web site. As more and more articles are distributed online your traffic will improve in addition to your organic search engine rankings. Well written and informative articles also help to establish your business as an authority in your market segment. Learn more about CIS Article Blitz.

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  • CIS Article Blitz
  • CIS Article Blitz
  • CIS Article Blitz



CIS Web Video Surge - Web Video Development & Distribution

Web promotional video can have a significant impact on the way you communicate your company benefits. CIS Web Video Surge provides you with an end-to-end solution for creating visual content that can be used for a variety of web exposure strategies.


CIS Video Surge includes design, development and distribution of the video. All video are created in High Definition with special emphasis on your message and your image. Find out more about CIS Web Video Surge...