5 things to know about December 21st: Ukraine, Trump’s taxes, weather, Title 42, Taliban

5 things to know about December 21st: Ukraine, Trump’s taxes, weather, Title 42, Taliban

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Today is the first official day of winter, hence the bitter cold covering most of the US. In the northern hemisphere, the winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year when Earth is farthest from the sun. Depending on how close you are to the North Pole, this also means that daylight will soon decrease dramatically for a while.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will make a dramatic visit to Washington today, using his first trip abroad since the start of the Russian invasion to rally US support for his country’s defense. He will meet with President Joe Biden, who is poised to announce that he is sending nearly $2 billion in additional security aid to Ukraine, including sophisticated new air defense system. Over the course of the 10-month invasion, Zelensky has remained steadfast in Ukraine while reaching out to nations around the world for support. That makes it an even more remarkable moment as he joins a leading international ally today to call for a resilient military and economic aid.

The Democratic-led Ways and Means Committee said Tuesday it will release former President Donald Trump’s tax returns within days and said the IRS failed to properly audit the former president’s taxes while he was in office. The committee also released a report on Tuesday detailing six years the former president is back, including huge annual loss claims that significantly reduce his tax burden. The release marks the end of a nearly four-year legal battle that House Democrats have waged against the former president since taking control of the House in 2019. The prosecution was also linked in part to long-standing suspicions about Trump’s finances after he refused to release his tax returns while running for president in 2016 or once in office.

Winter weather warnings are currently in effect for more than 70 million people in the US as a growing storm system threatens to bring a dangerous trio of heavy snow, strong wind and low temperatures to much of the country today, with conditions continuing through the end of a busy travel week. Forecasters are warning that this week’s powerful storm could bring travel to a halt as it hits areas from the northwest across the Plains, Great Lakes and central Appalachians before reaching the northeast, according to the National Weather Service. In anticipation of what is likely to be widespread flight delays and cancellations, United, American, Delta, Southwest and Jet Blue are travel refusals issued for dozens of airports across the country.

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The Biden administration wants the Supreme Court to allow an end to Title 42 — but not for at least a week. On Tuesday, the administration encouraged the court’s justices to reject an emergency bid by a GOP-led group of states to keep the controversial Trump-era border restriction in place while legal challenges play out. But also asked the court delay in terminating the policy at least until December 27, citing ongoing preparations for an influx of migrants and the upcoming holiday weekend. Title 42 was scheduled to end today, but Chief Justice John Roberts temporarily froze that deadline on Monday. Until the Supreme Court issues an order — which could come anytime since the court has no deadline — it will remain in place.

The Taliban government has suspended university education for all female students in Afghanistan, the latest step in its brutal curtailment of the rights and freedoms of Afghan women. The US condemns the Taliban’s “indefensible decision to banning women from universitiesState Department spokesman Ned Price said Tuesday. The girls were before they are prohibited from returning to secondary schools in March, following months of closure imposed after the Taliban took over in August 2021. The Taliban have historically treated women as second-class citizens, subjecting them to violence, forced marriages and an almost invisible presence in the country. Women in Afghanistan can no longer work in most sectors, require a male guardian for long-distance travel and are ordered to cover their faces in public.

A House committee on Jan. 6 will release a full report on the Capitol riot

The House committee investigating the January 6, 2021 uprising will release its full report today, marking the end of an extensive investigation into the group’s fateful day. A an abstract was published on Monday, concluding that former President Donald Trump was ultimately responsible for the riot. The report, released today, is based on more than 1,000 interviews and other documents collected — including emails, text messages and phone records — in the year-and-a-half investigation undertaken by the bipartisan commission.

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After millions on Twitter voted for his removal in a poll he created, Musk said he would resign “As soon as I find someone stupid enough to take the job!”

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68 million+

A photo gallery shared by Argentine footballer Lionel Messi has received so many Instagram likes within days of being posted that it the most liked post on the social platform. The images documented Argentina’s victory at the 2022 World Cup. On Tuesday, Messi and his teammates returned to Buenos Aires like millions of people lined the streets to celebrate the return of their champions.

“If you can’t feel safe in your own home, where can you feel safe?”

– Tarrant County District Attorney Ashley Deanerurging jurors in closing arguments to consider lengthy prison terms for a former Texas police officer following his manslaughter conviction in the fatal shooting of Atiana Jeffersonthen 28-year-old black woman, in her own home in 2019. After deliberations, Aaron Dean, 38, White, a former Fort Worth police officer, was sentenced Tuesday to nearly 12 years in prison. Dean showed no emotion as the sentence was read.

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