A French club has turned Messi’s shirt into a mat at the entrance for the feet of its visitors

A French club has turned Messi’s shirt into a mat at the entrance for the feet of its visitors

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Anger reached its peak with the owner of a Paris nightclub at the loss of the French national team in the final match of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar against the national team of Argentina last Sunday, to the extent that it prompted him to put up at his entrance a shirt, emblazoned with a number 30 like the one worn by Messi, the player for French team Paris Saint-Germain, and raised a banner near it that read: “Don’t forget to wipe your feet when you enter,” making the Argentine star’s shirt a doormat .

Several French and foreign media reported yesterday and today what can be called somewhat racist and anti-sporting “misconduct” used by the nightclub owner, whose name or the name of his nightclub was not known to Al Arabiya. net, although the news of what he had done was widely circulated on communication sites and led to rejection expressed by Argentinians and foreigners who called on the French authorities to punish the nightclub and its owner.

The shirt was free of more than 90% prints, even two days after it was placed outside the club entrance

The French national team was one of the top contenders to win the World Cup in Qatar, but ended up losing on penalties in the last game in a manner that is hard to forget, and their result was hard on the French fans despite putting on a great show , especially in the second half.

However, there are those who do not always accept the legal loss and even take it personally, such as the owner of the club who failed, as evidenced by the fact that the shirt looks clean with more than 90% of the prints even after two days of being put on at the entrance of the club, which is the biggest indication that the pioneers The club refused to share its idea with its owner, according to what the French media concluded and paid special attention to him.

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