A new shock in Al-Ahly .. The team player will be absent from the stadiums for 75 days –

A new shock in Al-Ahly .. The team player will be absent from the stadiums for 75 days –

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The technical staff of Al-Ahly club, led by Swiss coach Marcel Koehler, received a new shock, after news of the absence of the team player for a period of two to two and a half months.

And according to a source closely related to Al-Ahly club, Ayman Ashraf will be absent from the team for the aforementioned period, which caused great sadness for Kohler and the players, especially in light of the suffering of all the players in the defense line.

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The source added that Ayman will undergo a knee cleaning operation, which was postponed during the past periods last season, due to the pressure of the matches and the urgent need for the efforts of all players to participate in the tournaments.

The source stressed that the team doctor, Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, is constantly following up with the player on the developments related to the operation and the period he will be absent based on the player’s ability and the wound healing completely.

Ayman Ashraf is conducting the operation in Germany under the supervision of a distinguished medical team in order to ensure the safe return of the player to the stadiums as soon as possible to use his services with the team.

Koller, who did not rely on the services of Ashraf, believes that the presence of more than one ready player in the defense line will have a positive effect on the team, especially in light of the accumulation of championships and their dependencies with each other between the General League, the Egypt Cup, and the African Champions League.

Koller relied on the services of Yasser Ibrahim as an alternative, after Mohamed Abdel Moneim was injured, to play next to Mahmoud Metwally, who was also injured after participating in his last match with the red team.

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