After Ronaldo’s departure… a “loud surprise” from Manchester United’s owners

After Ronaldo’s departure… a “loud surprise” from Manchester United’s owners

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وتملك عائلة غلايزرز الأميركية النادي منذ عام 2005، لكن شاب عهدها تراجع مردود الفريق كرويا لا سيما في السنوات التسع الأخيرة، واحتجاجات المشجعين المتكررة.

ويأتي البيان بعد ساعات من إعلان الفريق رحيل نجمه البرتغالي كريستيانو رونالدو “باتفاق متبادل وبأثر فوري”.

وسبق أن شن رونالدو في مقابلة تلفزيونية مدوية الأسبوع الماضي، هجوما عنيفا على المُلاك، زاعما أنهم “لا يهتمون” بالنجاح الرياضي للفريق وأن النادي لم يطور البنية التحتية على مدى السنوات، مما مهّد لبداية نهايته في “أولد ترافورد”.

ولم يفز يونايتد بلقب الدوري الإنجليزي منذ عام 2013، في الموسم الأخير للمدرب الأسطوري الاسكتلندي السير أليكس فيرغسون.


What did the club’s statement say?

• “The Board of Directors will consider all strategic alternatives, including new investment in the club, sale or other deals involving the company.”

• “This will involve evaluating several initiatives to improve the club, including the redevelopment of the stadium and infrastructure, and the expansion of the club’s commercial operations on a global scale.”

• “This is to promote the long-term success of the men’s and women’s teams and the academy, and bring benefits to fans and other stakeholders.”

And own Glazers family The American club has been in the club since 2005, but its era has been marred by a decline in the team’s performance in football, especially in the last nine years, and frequent fan protests.

The statement comes hours after the team announced the departure of its Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo By mutual agreement and with immediate effect.

And Ronaldo had previously launched, in a resounding television interview last week, a violent attack on the owners, claiming that they “do not care” about the team’s sporting success and that the club has not developed the infrastructure over the years, which paved the way for the beginning of its end at Old Trafford.

United have not won the English Premier League title since 2013, in the last season of the legendary Scottish coach Sir Alex Ferguson.

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