Al-Ahly aim to raise £20m from World Cup team sponsorship

Al-Ahly aim to raise £20m from World Cup team sponsorship

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Al-Ahly’s board of directors will hold several meetings in the next few hours to prepare for the Club World Cup, which will be held in Morocco from February 1 to 11 next year.

A source at Red Castle said in exclusive statements to “Lila Koura” that there are clear instructions to manage the ball by focusing the players on the league competition and not thinking about the Club World Cup now, and at the administrative level there are many meetings that take place take place in the next period to organize global participation.

He added: “A World Cup preparation committee headed by Khaled Murtaji, the club’s treasurer, is being set up to coordinate with FIFA in the workshop for participating teams and to arrange the number of mission staff, marketing and media rights, among others.”

He explained: “On the other hand, Al-Ahly officials advertise the rights to sponsor the team’s shirt during its participation in the World Cup, and it has the right to place one main sponsor on the chest of the shirt.”

And he continued: “In the last tournament that was held in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, the Red Department managed to get a sum of £10 million from putting the main sponsor on the shirt, an increase of £3 million from the previous tournament that took place in Qatar.”

The source concluded that Al-Ahli is only waiting for the tournament list to arrive from the International Federation of Football Associations to find out its marketing rights and whether it has the right to place one main sponsor, as happened in previous versions, or it will be canceled and if has the right to place a sponsor, Al-Ahly officials are aiming to get £20m in return.

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