Al-Ahly and Smuha.. Technik’s star gets rid of the “double cap” and returns to the official Kohler formation –

Al-Ahly and Smuha.. Technik’s star gets rid of the “double cap” and returns to the official Kohler formation –

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Al-Ahly Club’s first football team is looking to get rid of the absence of influential players in the ranks and return to the main formation and get all those who were previously relied on by the Swiss coach Marcel Kohler.

First-team defender Mohamed Abdel Moneim was absent from the Reds side due to the double setback that saw the player rack up yellow cards, coinciding with a knee complaint.

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Abdel Moneim did not feature for Al-Ahly in Farko’s game, which ended with two hard-earned goals, due to his earlier bookings that kept him out of action for the red team.

This comes in relation to the player’s knee complaints that accompanied his participation in the match before the previous one, as on the one hand the suspension is over and on the other hand he is preparing to participate on a medical level.

Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, the doctor of the red team, informed Marcel Kohler, the team’s technical director, to prepare the player for Smouha’s next match in the General League Championship, without any obstacles to his participation from a medical point of view.

Abu Abla stated that the player can now participate well with the team after the end of the knee pain and his ability to recover well and quickly, following the very successful medical tests for the technically outstanding player.

And it was decided that the Al-Ahly club would play in the defensive line with Mahmoud Metuali and Abdel Moneim, after excluding Yasser Ibrahim from the starting line-up, following a mistake by the player in covering.

Kohler is set to rely on the double of Metually and Menem in the upcoming matches and at the African Champions League level, in addition to the matches that will start at the Club World Cup on February 1 next month in Morocco.

Al-Ahly Club will face its counterpart Smouha, Alexandria, in the General League championship next Sunday at exactly seven in the evening, Cairo time.

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