Al-Ahly shocks Al-Shennawi with a strict decision.. Kohler shows the red eye of the outcast –

Al-Ahly shocks Al-Shennawi with a strict decision.. Kohler shows the red eye of the outcast –

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The media, Magdy Abdel-Ghani, revealed a big surprise in the past few hours regarding Al-Ahly’s refusal to amend the contract of international Mohamed El-Shennawy, the goalkeeper of the first football team in Al-Ahly Club in the coming period.

Magdy Abdel-Ghani confirmed in televised statements that Al-Ahly club officials rejected the idea of ​​amending Mohamed El-Shennawy’s contract, claiming that this might be the last time to amend or renew contracts.

In his speech, he added that Muhammad Al-Shennawi is considered one of the most important Al-Ahly players who requested the amendment of their contracts during the coming period in light of his journey with the Red Genie, which was about to end after he approached the age of 34.

Al-Ahly club officials believe that Mohamed El-Shennawy’s contract is good and does not deserve to be amended in light of the Red Castle’s passing through a financial crisis and there is not enough liquidity to implement such demands.

The level of Mohamed El-Shennawy raises controversy .. and the former coach of Egypt comments |  Sky News Arabia

Abdel-Ghani stressed in his speech that the Swiss coach, Marcel Koller, the coach of the first football team in Al-Ahly Club, threatened Hussein Al-Shahat to leave his technical accounts in the coming period, in addition to signing a fine against him.

Hussein Al-Shahat has not had an effective participation with Al-Ahly club since Marcel Koehler took over the technical leadership of the red team mainly, except at intervals, as he participated mainly in the Aswan match in the Egyptian League only due to the absence of Taher Mohamed Taher for suspension.

In the past few days, a crisis erupted between Marcel Kohler and Hussein El-Shahat due to the latter’s ignoring the first’s instructions regarding resorting to the social media, so the Swiss coach decided to leave the list of more than one match that the Cairo team played in the last period, locally and in Africa.

Kohler assured Al-Ahly players that he will not tolerate the application of the regulation to any player in the team in light of his relentless pursuit to achieve a state of stability and justice in the team so that victories continue.

The first football team in Al-Ahly Club is preparing for the upcoming confrontation with its counterpart, the Arab Contractors Club, in the quarter-finals of the Egypt Cup season 2021/2022, which is scheduled for November 27, at five o’clock in the evening Cairo time and six in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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