Al-Ahly: The government rejects Zamalek’s request to register the Real Century Club logo

Al-Ahly: The government rejects Zamalek’s request to register the Real Century Club logo

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Mohamed Othman, Al-Ahly’s legal advisor, confirmed that the competent government authorities rejected the request of Zamalek Club to register the alleged trademark “The Real Century Club.”

Othman said in statements on Al-Ahly channel: “There is a committee at the highest technical level by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry at the point of contact, which is the legal protection of intellectual property rights.”

He added: “This committee examined all the details and concluded that Al-Ahly Club owns many trademarks, including the trademark ((Al-Ahly Club Century ClubThus, the committee said that Al-Ahly owns registered trademarks and enjoys legal protection within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

He continued, “Zamalek, on July 5, 2020, submitted an application to register its trademark under the name (Zamalek Club, the Real Century Football Club), and this request was rejected.”

And Othman continued, saying: “You can take this to me. The competent administrative authority, regarding the request submitted by Zamalek Club, rejected this request.”

He continued, “Why was Zamalek’s request rejected? Because there are two basic conditions, the first is precedence, that is, whoever first applied for the registration of that mark, and Al-Ahly registered this mark in 2002, that is, 20 years ago.”

And he added: “Secondly, it is the documents that indicate the possession of the mark or the title, that is, the documents must include the presence of an official body granting the title, and these titles are granted by the international federations with certain controls.”

Othman noted that to grant an attribute or a trademark to a person or entity, it takes at least a year’s examination, pointing out at the conclusion of his statements that this issue is not related to local laws only, but is related to international laws that protect these marks, because they are related to international trade and not just sports.

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