Amir Mortada: Imam Ashour has little experience outside the stadium, and we were affected by the winch’s injury

Amir Mortada: Imam Ashour has little experience outside the stadium, and we were affected by the winch’s injury

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Amir Mortada Mansour, the general supervisor of football at Zamalek Club, said that the white team was technically affected by Mahmoud Hamdi’s injury, “Al Wensh”, pointing out that they are waiting for his return as soon as possible to support the team’s ranks, especially since it is one of the essential elements that indispensable.

Amir Mortada confirmed, during televised statements to Zamalek channel, that the white team started last season badly, but was able to return in the second round and control the reins of matters, and crowned his effort by crowning the Egyptian Premier League title.

The general supervisor of the ball at Zamalek Club explained that the white team fights for every championship in which it competes, but in the end it is just football, and it is possible that the teams they play against will be successful and focus more, but the loss is not the end of the journey.

Amir Mortada Mansour revealed that he refuses to underestimate the Super Cup, explaining at the same time that it is not more important than the Egyptian League, because it is in the end a one-match championship, pointing out that they have to accept the loss and it does not mean that they are going the wrong way.

Amir Mortada Mansour indicated that Zamalek won many championships in the last 4 seasons, most notably the two titles of the Egyptian League, the African Super and the Egypt Cup, explaining that the white team is fighting the current season with greater responsibilities, stressing that the problems and crises were less than last season.

The general supervisor of the ball at Zamalek Club called on the fans to turn behind the players and the technical staff led by the Portuguese Josevaldo Ferreira, explaining that the current season was able to put their hands on the defects and advantages of the team, stressing that the journey is still long and the champion team does not give up easily, indicating that the technical staff will complete with the players. And with them management in one boat.

Amir Mortada spoke about Imam Ashour, explaining that he is a good player, but his experience outside the field is few, indicating that he is trying with the technical staff to hold continuous sessions with him to clarify matters and the player responds to the advice of the technical staff, and is convinced of them.

And he continued: Imam Ashour, when he makes a mistake, apologizes to the technical staff and the players, and we must have space to try once, two and three, and Ashour does not deliberately provoke crises and responds by simply talking to him, and Imam Ashour’s contract extends for the next two seasons, and we asked the player to focus and we informed him of the club’s desire to amend his contract.

Amir Mortada continued: “Zamalek does not skimp on any player, and the winch contract has been amended more than once since he joined the club, and there is no crisis in Imam Ashour’s contract, but his problem is in the appointments and the system set by me and the coach, and we spoke with Imam Ashour that the hair color It was not appropriate for the period of losing the Super.”

He concluded: “We accept constructive technical criticism, and Ferreira admitted before that the mistakes in the changes, and the coach does not know pride, but I reject the destructive criticism that carries transgressions and deviations from the text, and all the deals that we contracted with are promising, and there is no old and new player, all of them are one because this is the Zamalek team.”

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