Ancelotti: Benzema will not play again until after the World Cup

Ancelotti: Benzema will not play again until after the World Cup

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Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that the French star Karim Benzema has not recovered 100%, indicating that he will not play again with the team until after the World Cup.

Ancelotti said in statements during the press conference before facing Cadiz in La Liga: “Benzema has not been able to help the team in the last matches, he has tried, but he has not been able to recover from the discomfort he is feeling.”

He added, “Benzema will not play again until after the World Cup.”

He continued: “Benzema gives priority to the World Cup at the expense of the team since winning the Ballon d’Or? Certainly this is not true. Benzema was unable to help the team, but he tries and works hard every day to be mentally and physically prepared. The annoyances affected him since the Celtic match and we do not want to risk, this is what in the matter”.

The Italian coach continued: “Benzema will go to Qatar and he has discomfort in his legs, he has not recovered 100% already, so he is not participating with the team recently, whether he will go to Qatar or not, this matter will only come back to him and this is his own decision.”

He continued: “The players’ sharpness and focus have decreased because we have played a lot of games recently, and this is especially noticeable with teams that do not play in Europe.”

Ancelotti concluded: “It’s been a strange season with some good and not so good. We wanted to finish the year on top but hopefully we can finish well tomorrow, it’s been an incredible year.”

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