Android swings + slot machines [Video]

Android swings + slot machines [Video]

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Google is back at CES for the first time in several years. To highlight a few of the big software announcements, there’s a huge Android booth that attendees can visit. Not everyone can make it to CES in Las Vegas, but we’ve made it a little easier by touring it for you.

The space just outside the Las Vegas Convention Center is Google’s home for CES 2023, but it’s also certainly a vehicle for the Android operating system. Most importantly, there’s room for a lot of ‘Bugdroid’ in all shapes and finishes.

Before the booth opened to the public, Google provided select media (including 9to5Google) chance for a sneak peek at the dedicated Android booth for CES 2023. There were plenty of demos for features like improved group sharing nearby, audio switching between devicesimproved Android Auto redesignand even a short demo of the smart home matter quick link in action. If you have a Pixel Watch, you’ll soon be able to keep your phone unlocked while your wearable is nearby. This was demonstrated in the neat “slide to unlock” setup.

The CES booth has plenty of room for some Google Assistant action plus Fitbit’s deeper integration with your Pixel Watch and Pixel phone. All of this was wrapped in typical Google color schemes and a bit of Material You plus a Bugdroid themed rocking seat to kick back.

To top it all off, there was even a Fast Pair slot machine that dispensed candy-filled gacha pods in the classic Google green color. You don’t have to miss out, check out our brief first-person tour of Google’s Android CES booth below:

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