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Anna Walshe’s disappearance: Husband of missing Massachusetts mother charged with threatening to kill in 2014, police report shows

Anna Walshe’s disappearance: Husband of missing Massachusetts mother charged with threatening to kill in 2014, police report shows

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Because the large-scale investigation of the disappearance of Anna Walsh continues, newly obtained documents reveal the mother of three told police her husband Brian Walsh threatened to kill her and a friend before the couple married.

Anna Walsh — who hadn’t been seen since around New Year’s — reported the death threat in 2014, telling police someone said over the phone that he was “going to kill (her) and her boyfriend,” according to a Metropolitan incident DC Police Department report obtained by CNN.

The police department confirmed that Brian Walsh was the person involved in the report, which was filed by Anna Walsh — then Anna Knipp — when she lived in Washington, DC.

The case was later closed because the victim refused to cooperate with the prosecution, police told CNN.

CNN has reached out to Brian Walsh’s attorney.

Since Anna Walsh, 39, was reported missing by her colleagues on January 4, authorities in the small coastal enclave of Cohasset, Massachusetts, accused her husband of providing a false chronology of his actions surrounding her disappearance, claiming he intended to obstruct their investigation.

Brian Walsh told police he last saw his wife on the morning of Jan. 1 when she left to fly to Washington, D.C., and said he spent the next two days running errands for his mother and spending time with the children si, according to a police affidavit. But police say he lied about the orders, and prosecutors say he was seen the next day at Home Depot paying cash for about $450 in cleaning supplies.

The 47-year-old husband was arrested on Sunday on a charge of misleading investigators, to which he pleaded not guilty.

Details of Brian Walshe’s turbulent legal history also surfaced in recent days, revealing harsh criticism of him by a relative and family friends during a 2019 dispute over his father’s will. In affidavits submitted by his father’s nephew and close friends, Brian was described as dishonest, “a very angry and physically violent person.” The two close friends also described him as a “sociopath,” the affidavits show.

CNN reached out to Brian Walsh’s current and previous attorneys about the allegations, but did not hear back.

So far, investigators have revealed several potential pieces of evidence in his wife’s disappearance: blood and a bloody knife in the family’s basement, according to prosecutors; Internet records of Brian Walshe showing searches on how to dismember and dispose of a body, according to law enforcement sources; and a hacksaw and apparent bloodstains at a garbage collection site, law enforcement sources said.

The couple’s three children — ages 2 to 6 — are in the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, according to a spokesman. Several local families have also offered to take them in so they can stay together, two of Anna Walsh’s friends, Pamela Bardi and Natasha Skye, told CNN.

A prayer vigil for Anna Walsh and her family was held in Cohasset on January 12th.

An interfaith prayer vigil was held in Cohasset Thursday for Anna Walsh and her family as her loved ones grapple with the uncertainty surrounding her disappearance.

“My stomach turned upside down,” Anna Walsh’s friend and former colleague Pamela Bardi said when she heard she was missing.

Walshe is “absolutely a radiant spirit, the kind of person that when you walk into a room, you just feel her energy,” Bardi told CNN’s Don Lemon. “She’s all about getting high. She is a brilliant businesswoman and what I like to call a supermom.

Bardy said he understood Walsh would travel to Washington, D.C., during the week for his corporate real estate work and return to his family in Massachusetts on the weekends.

“Personally, I’ve never seen any indication of trouble at home,” Bardi said.

“She never talked about anything personal,” Bardi added. “She never talked about pain. She never talked much about her husband. It was all about her kids and business and promotion and how she could help other people.

Anna Walsh’s family friend Peter Kirby described her as a “beacon of love and joy” in a statement to CNN. “She lights up any room. We miss her and are doing everything we can to support her 3 beautiful children.”

A little more than a week since Anna Walsh was reported missing, state and local investigators have scoured the city, sifted through piles of trash and sent off some potential evidence for testing as they try to piece together the facts of the case.

“A number of items” that could be evidence were found in searches north of Boston and sent for forensic testing, Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey said in a statement Tuesday.

Brian Walsh told investigators he was running errands for his mother at two stores in Swampscott, about 15 miles north of Boston, on the day he said he last saw his wife, a police affidavit said. However, police say those trips to the stores never happened.

And while investigators say Brian Walsh’s claim that he spent the next day with his children is accurate, they say he also made an undisclosed trip to Home Depot, where he was seen on surveillance video wearing a surgical mask and surgical gloves and making a cash purchase. Prosecutors said in court Monday that he bought about $450 worth of cleaning supplies, including mops and tarps.

Investigators gather at the home of Anna and Brian Walsh on January 10, 2023.

The husband – who must obtain approval for travel outside his home while awaiting sentencing in a prior federal fraud case — made a number of unauthorized trips during the week of his wife’s disappearance, the affidavit said.

Investigators also say Anna Walsh’s phone rang near the couple’s home on Jan. 1 and Jan. 2. according to prosecutor Lynn Beland, despite her husband’s claim that she left to catch a flight to Washington on the morning of Jan. 1.

On Monday, investigators placed crime scene tape around dumpsters near Brian Walsh’s mother’s home in Swampscott and dug through trash at a transfer station in nearby Peabody, according to a source with direct knowledge of the investigation.

On Peabody’s website, they found a hacksawtorn cloth and what appeared to be blood stains, law enforcement sources told CNN on Tuesday.

Additionally, a search of Walsh’s home revealed blood stains and a damaged, bloody knife in the basement, according to Beland. Law enforcement sources told CNN that investigators hope to take blood samples from the couple’s sons so they have a “direct bloodline” sample to compare to bloodied evidence in the case.

Brian Walsh is being held on $500,000 cash bail on charges of misleading investigators and is due in court on February 9.

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