Anti-doping: The Zamalek duo is threatened with a two-year ban. We saw a player cry so he wouldn’t take the analysis

Anti-doping: The Zamalek duo is threatened with a two-year ban. We saw a player cry so he wouldn’t take the analysis

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Hazem Khamis confirmed the chapter Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization It is linked to the international organization and administratively linked to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, which indicates that the organization has the right to take samples from any place, whether at home or in training.

Hammis said in televised statements on the Box to Box programme: “Some people have spoken falsely and if any player refuses to take the sample, he will be banned for 4 years, which is a harsh punishment.”

He added: “Doping is an individual responsibility and no club or federation suffers harm or punishment if a player tests positive.”

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He added: “We were at Zamalek club training and Ahmed Fattuh and Abdullah Juma were not present and a letter will be sent to the Football Association, the Professional Clubs Association and Zamalek club that you two have to take samples from them within 3 days if the two players escape a second time from conducting the tests, they will be suspended.” two years.”

And he continued: “Within 3 days of sending the letter to the aforementioned authorities, the players must come to have their sample taken and if they fail, they will be banned from 6 months to two years.”

And he continued: “The players will be given another opportunity of 12 to 15 days to take samples, after which they will be suspended according to the international rules of the organization (WADA). There are penalties for evasion other than the penalty for doping.”

And concluded: “Ahmed Fatuh and Abdullah Jumaa are wanted for conducting a doping test, especially after the statements of the president of the club Zamalek against them recently and the World Anti-Doping Organization is aware of all the events around the world and the players’ use of drugs is on the banned list.

And he concluded: “Previously, we took a sample from a player and he did not want to do this and cried and admitted that he was taking marijuana, and then we were surprised that the sample was negative and the effect of marijuana on the body lasts for 28 days.

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