Are the hand pharaohs solving Sweden’s blade the Japanese way?

Are the hand pharaohs solving Sweden’s blade the Japanese way?

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With steady steps and hands that know no trembling, the Egyptian handball team is progressing to regain an achievement that it has achieved for 22 years. The loss of the final of the last edition against the Danish giant.

The achievement of the handball team 22 years ago at the World Cup in 2001 has come to reap its fruits when it managed to take fourth place in the championship standings, and now the people of Nile wish themselves to return to the golden square again in the gate of the descendants of the Vikings “Sweden”.

22 years ago, the Egyptian national handball team achieved unforgettable glory when they finished fourth after an extraordinary journey where they were in a group that included “Sweden, Iceland, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Morocco” to earn 7 points from 3 wins and a draw, before to face Algeria in the final price and defeat them. It then cruised past Russia in the quarter-finals, but lost to France in the semi-finals to settle for fourth place after losing to Yugoslavia.

After this achievement, the results of the Egyptian handball team dropped before returning to the top eight at the 2019 World Cup, after finishing eighth after losing to Spain, and in their last appearance at the 2021 World Cup in Egypt. Pharaohs of Hand won seventh place.

In the current edition of the tournament, the Egyptian national team placed second in Group D in the main round of the World Cup after collecting 8 points, one point behind their Danish counterpart who holds the lead.

Egypt’s handball team will play on Wednesday night in the Swedish capital Stockholm in the quarter-finals with its Swedish counterpart, who is the leader in the second group with 10 points, starting at exactly nine-thirty in the evening.

The Egyptian handball team faced its Swedish counterpart on 10 official occasions, winning only 2 of them, while suffering 7 defeats, and one confrontation ended in a draw.

The Pharaohs of the Hand have a negative number against Sweden in the history of their opposition at the World Cup, with the two teams meeting 7 times, the Scandinavian team won 6 of them and drew once.

The handball team’s best performance against Sweden is always at the Olympics, where it won twice out of the 3 times it faced its Swedish counterpart, the last of which was at the Tokyo Olympics and suffered one defeat.

And at the Tokyo Olympics, Egypt’s handball team kept their passage to the quarter-finals by edging out Sweden 27-22 in the fourth round of the second group competition, after which the Pharaohs completed their tour of the tournament to settle for fourth place after lost to Spain 33-31 in gold medal game.

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