Astrology of the Chakras

Astrology of the Chakras

Astrology of the Chakras

Astrology of the Chakras

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It’s well-known to many people by now that the “human vitality discipline” is comprised of seven main vitality facilities or chakras which might be situated alongside the cerebral-spinal axis. Every of those facilities acts as a substation or transformer of the common vitality or prana that flows by means of the medulla on the base of the cranium. Because the prana descends by means of the 5 decrease chakras it’s remodeled or modified from it is pure state. If the decrease chakras are clear and freed from damaging impressions (trauma, suppression, and so on.) then the prana is free to ascend again to the higher chakras resulting in greater states of consciousness.

If the decrease chakras are blocked, nonetheless, then the prana is blocked from ascending and these energetic blockages start to manifest as “dis-ease” on psychological, emotional and bodily ranges. In different phrases, if we now have blockages in any of the chakras it means we now have damaged our “attune”-ment with common life drive vitality on a delicate, or not so delicate, degree. For the reason that chakras are vitality facilities that reply to vibration, one of many ways in which we will come again into alignment or attunement is thru the acutely aware use of vibration, music and motion.

One of many instruments that may assist us on this journey is an understanding, by means of using astrology, of the connection between the chakras and the planets. Within the astrological world every of the chakras is related to or is ruled by a unique planet. On an brisk degree the astrological chart is a map of not solely the inter-relationship of the planets however a map of the inter-relationship and situation of the chakras. In essence, we now have our personal internal photo voltaic system that guides the evolution of our consciousness by means of the varied chakra facilities. By understanding the planetary high quality of every chakra we will use particular types of music, vibration and motion to awaken and open every chakra and energize ourselves.

Astrology of the Chakras

The primary chakra, situated on the base of the backbone, is related to the planet Saturn. Astrologically, Saturn represents our means to floor ourselves in order that we will materialize our desires. Not sufficient Saturn in our lives leaves us ungrounded and unable to assist ourselves. For some, too little Saturn makes it onerous to create a way of robust boundaries and middle. An excessive amount of Saturn, nonetheless, and we will maintain onto the fabric aircraft an excessive amount of and resist change due to insecurity and concern. One of many methods to heal the primary chakra is thru connecting with the energies of the earth. Strolling barefoot, doing yoga and drumming are all methods of tuning into the decrease frequencies of the primary chakra. Drumming, specifically, is an efficient method of opening and awakening the primary chakra. Once we drum we regularly maintain the drum between our legs which instantly connects with the primary chakra on the base of the backbone. By tuning into the decrease frequencies of the drum we not solely energize ourselves but in addition turn into extra current and in our our bodies.

The second chakra, ruled by Jupiter, is situated within the pelvic or genital area of the physique. The second chakra has to do with problems with creativity and sexuality and the way we channel our basic life drive vitality and feelings. Astrologically, Jupiter is the planet that represents how we develop our consciousness. If we grew up in a household that suppressed feelings or sexuality then this may instantly affect the second chakra and our sense of expansiveness. If we suppress one space of ​​the second chakra, say sexuality, then all the different areas;: our ardour, creativity, expression of deep emotion, are affected as effectively. When the second chakra is open we’re in contact with our primal life drive, or kundalini vitality. That is the basic electromagnetic drive that animates our our bodies and when freely expressed creates magnetism, ardour, and true creativity in our lives.

The important thing to awakening the vitality of the second chakra, then, is to get our instinctual vitality transferring and open and develop the vary of pelvic motion. Top-of-the-line methods I’ve discovered to perform that is by means of free kind dancing or African dance varieties. A number of years in the past I had a visitor African dancer in my Astrology of the Chakras class and she or he defined that most of the actions of African dance are literally meant to facilitate the opening of the varied chakras. Any actions that contract after which develop the realm of ​​the second chakra, or pelvis area, will assist to loosen up the vitality in that middle. Additionally, utilizing ethnic or world music that prompts the instinctual or transferring middle, similar to didgeridoo, stomach dance or Turkish dervish music, are glorious.

The third chakra, situated on the photo voltaic plexus or “hara” is the seat of our private energy. Mars, the planet related to private will and Pluto, the planet related to collective will, are the co-rulers of the third chakra. The problems of the third chakra should do with energy, management, trusting our intestine degree instincts, and our sense of non-public empowerment. A blocked third chakra could manifest as a scarcity of having the ability to make choices, not being to belief our personal instincts, and emotions of being manipulated or victimized. An overactive third chakra could manifest as management points, intimidation, rage, or violence. The important thing to therapeutic the third chakra is to discover ways to take energy with out harming others. Additionally it is necessary to discover ways to let go of the concern of being uncontrolled.

Music could be a significantly highly effective medium for opening the third chakra as it’s a non-verbal type of communication that bypasses the cognitive thoughts and instantly impacts our deepest feelings. Many individuals who really feel they’ve to manage their feelings discover themselves being moved to tears by evocative music. Discovering music that strikes you, whether or not emotionally or bodily is a method of accessing the deeper feelings of anger, grief and rage which might be usually trapped within the third chakra. As these feelings are uncovered and allowed expression, the third chakra can then blossom and the vitality that has been channeled into management can now be re-routed into extra fulfilling types of self expression and creativity.

Music of the Coronary heart

The fourth chakra, situated across the coronary heart and lungs, is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus represents what we worth, what we’re keen about and our means to share our love unconditionally. I additionally assign “greater” rulership of the fourth chakra to the planet Neptune, as it’s Neptune that represents the method of transcending our personal individuality and merging with spirit or divine love.

The fourth chakra is the bridge between the decrease and better chakras. It has been stated that our western tradition primarily pertains to the problems of the primary three chakras; cash, intercourse and energy. As we clear the emotional attachments of the primary three chakras then we will start to open to the expansive qualities of the upper chakras. If the fourth chakra is blocked we would have fears of not being liked, fears of giving and receiving affection or relationships which might be unfullfilling.

The important thing to therapeutic the guts chakra is thru the event of compassion, devotion, and a way of reference to others. Music, within the type of devotional singing, can open the guts and reduce emotions of separation. The Dances of Common Peace from the Sufi custom of Samuel Lewis are a wonderful method of mixing sound and motion to facilitate a way of mystical connection or oneness with others. Combining sacred mantras from completely different non secular traditions with easy circle dances, the Dances of Common Peace assist us to let go of the factitious partitions that hold us separate. They’re additionally a really secure method of practising find out how to give and obtain love unconditionally.

Opening the Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakras

The fifth chakra, situated within the throat area, is ruled by Mercury, the planet representing all types of communication and Chiron, the planet representing the mentor/instructor archetype. It’s by means of the fifth chakra that we develop private expression and the power to create our personal actuality. If the fifth chakra is blocked then we would have fears of asserting or talking up for ourselves. It might even be troublesome to precise our wants or the sentiments that we expertise emanating from the guts chakra. One other widespread manifestation of a blocked fifth chakra is disbelief in our means to create our lives the best way we would like them to be. If we grew up having no voice within the selections that had been being made for us or having our selections ridiculed then ultimately we cease believing within the energy of our free will or voice.

Therapeutic the fifth chakra is crucial if we need to open to the intuitive consciousness that comes from the sixth and seventh chakras. If the fifth chakra is blocked we could also be overly psychological and never open to the delicate intuitive data that’s consistently being channeled by means of the upper facilities. By way of therapeutic modalities, singing is without doubt one of the finest strategies for opening the fifth chakra. Since many individuals with fifth chakra blockages have actually “misplaced their voice”, the best method to reclaim our voice is to vibrate it with sound! Chanting sacred mantras similar to OM can also be helpful as OM is seen as the basic, or primordial sound of the universe. As we chant OM we align ourselves with the inventive sound that’s thought to deliver all materials kind into existence.

The sixth chakra, situated in the course of the brow between the eyes, is correlated by the Solar and the Moon. The sixth chakra is related to our greater psychological talents of introspection, self-examination, notion and instinct. Historically, the sixth chakra is seen as having two poles. The moon pole, situated on the medulla, is the place obtain the “breath of god” or common vitality. The solar or lively pole, situated on the third eye, is the place we specific this common vitality by means of the car of our personal individuality. A blocked sixth chakra could manifest as concern of trying inside ourselves, concern of utilizing our intuitive talents, refusal to study from life’s experiences, or the shortcoming to entry internal steering. Bodily signs may embody migraines, anxiousness, melancholy and studying disabilities. Top-of-the-line methods to open the sixth chakra is thru meditation, visualization and accessing the imaginal realm by means of dreamwork. This opening could be facilitated by music that evokes the creativeness and opens us to the realm of non-ordinary insights. Particularly, there are numerous CD’s accessible that assist the mind to entry deeper states of alpha, delta and theta consciousness which might be in any other case solely produced by means of meditation practices.

Lastly, we attain the seventh chakra, situated on the high or crown of the pinnacle. The crown chakra is considered as one other level of entry of life drive vitality and represents our reference to common consciousness. I affiliate the seventh chakra with the planet Uranus, as it’s Uranus that represents the common present of vitality that nourishes thoughts, physique and spirit. From the Vedic perspective of India, Uranus represents the kundalini vitality that resides on the base of the backbone within the first chakra. As we awaken and open every of the chakras the kundalini energies stand up the backbone and activate the seventh chakra resulting in enlightenment or illumination. Many people expertise this in orgasm because the kundalini strikes by means of the decrease chakras and prompts the crown chakra. The rationale we fall asleep after orgasm is that we aren’t used to channeling that a lot vitality within the greater facilities so we find yourself shutting down, or going unconscious.

If we now have blockages within the seventh chakra this may occasionally manifest as low life drive vitality, disbelief that we could be supported by the universe, or feeling disconnected from a way of that means or route in our lives. The fascinating factor in regards to the seventh chakra is that it’s the polar reverse of the primary chakra so we will open it from “above” or “under”. Pranayama or respiration practices assist to open the seventh by increasing our capability to channel vitality by means of the highest of the pinnacle. As we develop our capability to channel vitality we will stand up to extra aliveness transferring by means of our our bodies with out resistance.

As we open the decrease chakras by means of motion and sound we lower the resistance we now have to being extra alive and launch the kundalini vitality that’s dormant on the base of the backbone. In different phrases, opening the upper chakras doesn’t imply that we have to ignore or “transcend” the decrease chakras as some traditions would have us consider. Fairly, it requires that we work on opening up your complete chakric discipline in order that we now have the capability to expertise greater states of consciousness in a grounded or embodied method.

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