Before the 5-day vacation… Good news from Maran Al-Ahly

Before the 5-day vacation… Good news from Maran Al-Ahly

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The first football team of Al-Ahly Club concluded its daily training this morning, Tuesday, at the Al-Touch Stadium on the island, before receiving a negative rest, by a decision of the technical staff led by coach Marcel Koller.

The technical staff decided to give the players a passive rest from training for a period of 5 days, starting from Wednesday, after which the players and the technical staff would return to continue the daily training.

Ahmed Abu Abla, head of the medical apparatus, explained that Bruno Savio, the team’s player, has attended the team’s group training, which was held this morning, after the player was satisfied during the past few days by performing individual exercises in the gym until he recovered and organized the entire group exercise.

Abu Abla explained that Savio recovered from a cold, and then was ready and participated in the group exercise that was held today.

As indicated Chief Medical Officer An Ramy Rabea and Amr Al-Sulayya, players of the team, organized a part of the team’s physical and collective training.

He stated that Rabea and Al-Sulayya participated in a group training, as part of the last stage of rehabilitation from the injury that the duo suffered during the last period, as “Rabea” suffered from a slight tension in the abdominal muscles, while “Al-Soulia” complained of an injury to the front muscle.

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