Challenge the world of legends.. Ronaldo’s war against submission to science

Challenge the world of legends.. Ronaldo’s war against submission to science

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The Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the legends of football throughout history, and of course the major international clubs wish him, despite his advanced age, in addition to his high salary, and his great influence on the dressing rooms, things that stood in front of his desire to move to a club that competes in the Champions League , during the last Mercato.

The “Don” wished to participate in the Champions League, which Manchester United failed to reach, after occupying sixth place in the English Premier League table, which qualifies for the European League, and this is what made him ask his club’s management to allow him to leave for a team competing in the Champions League, Which did not happen because the club did not receive an offer that would enable them to leave one of their most important stars in history.

Chelsea was the club most likely to win the services of the Portuguese missile, due to the desire of the new president of the Blues, Todd Boilly, to bring in Ronaldo, who was to support his image in front of the team’s fans, but former coach Thomas Tuchel refused to complete that contract, which accelerated his departure after that, because of his clash Strong with the club president.

Of course, Cristiano is one of the best scorers in the world, that’s no dispute, but how has his presence with the world’s top clubs become so difficult, apart from considerations of his salary, United’s desire to stay, etc.? From here we start talking about…

Why is it difficult to rely on Ronaldo for so many top clubs?

The top coaches are currently relying on detailed analytical studies in order to subject the football witch to science, building ideas and applying them has become entirely dependent on analyzes and studies that have made football a more complex game.

Perhaps this is what drove the magicians of Latin football in particular from the facade, as the fast player like Mbappe, and the strong player like Halland, became more important than the skilled player who offers different solutions, such as Anthony and other Latin football stars.

Indeed, we see European teams that are permanently in control of the World Cup tournaments, and from here, the scattering of magic began to disappear, and we reached the stage of complex calculations, which depend more on speed and strength, the two slits visible in the player, and removed the slit for skill and creativity, being the slit Invisibility that is not subject to science, but to magic, which has gradually begun to disappear from the world of the witch.. who was preoccupied with calculations and science.

Hence, Ronaldo and the football legends began waging a hidden war against this complex phenomenon that lost the wizarding world’s luster, and kept them away from the facade, to begin the journey of liberation, and to return to relying on the innate talent introduced by this magical world before.

We will divide that war into two parts. The first part relates to what is prevalent now, of the duties added to the striker, related to defensive support, pressure on the opponent’s defenses, as well as the process of building play and helping the rest of the team.

The second is the creative part, which remains for Ronaldo from his career, which is the possibility of scoring goals in various possible ways, even if he has lost the advantages related to his physical fitness and speeds that terrified opponents before.

Ronaldo, 37, who is about to turn 38 next February, cannot have the same vitality that he had 10 years ago, for example, even if he is an outstanding athlete and is interested in his physical composition, and this is what the heat map of his movements proves, and we will not go far, We will start from the 2015/16 season when he was a Real Madrid player.

2015/2016 Real Madrid (36 games, average minutes played 88)

2016/2017 Real Madrid (29 games, average minutes played 88)

2017/2018 Real Madrid (27 games, average minutes played 85)

2018/2019 Juventus (31 matches, average minutes played 87)

2019/2020 Juventus (33 matches, average minutes played 88)

2020/2021 Juventus (33 games, average minutes played 85)

2021/2022 Manchester United (30 games, average minutes played 82)

2022/2023 Manchester United (10 matches, average minutes played 53)

Now that the picture becomes clear, and the areas of Ronaldo’s presence that have been affected by the passage of time, we have to admit that the Portuguese cannot provide the full 90 minutes at the same level he was providing a few years ago, and his running rates have decreased significantly, and from here we begin to divide what he can do, and what He can’t give it to the team and the coach.

Let’s start first by introducing the clubs that Ronaldo’s agent offered his player to, as reported by several reports during the past summer: Chelsea – Manchester City – Arsenal “England” / Bayern Munich – Borussia Dortmund “Germany” / Napoli “Italy”.

Now, a large number of coaches for major teams in Europe depend on the process of pressure from the front areas, to reduce the teams that build play from the back, which is the case for most of the giants of the old continent, and perhaps this is something that Ronaldo may not offer, because this may exhaust his abilities without exploiting his benefit. Major, namely scoring.

(Here we will completely exclude both Manchester City and Bayern Munich, for their almost total dependence on the method of high pressure on the opponents’ defenses during the preparation period and building the play).

Ronaldo’s breath may not help him either if he builds play from the back and passes to his colleagues, and this is also not the right thing for Ronaldo, he is the type of strikers Target man or Finisher, that is, he prefers to be the owner of the final touch.

(Here we will exclude Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal, who rely on the “station” striker helping to build and create play when attacking).

Ronaldo has a tremendous ability to finish chances and turn balls into the net in all possible ways, and from here his coach can and should take advantage of this advantage, by delivering the ball to him in the penalty area so that he can translate it into goals. Indeed, the team now appears in a way that shows its great need for the leading striker, who can translate the attack with a final touch into the net.

We will not exclude the Naples team either, but the Italian team may not need Ronaldo, given the presence of the Nigerian Victor Osimhen, the Argentine Giovanni Simeone, the Mexican Lozano, in addition to the Italian trio Raspadori, Politano and Zerbin, and all of them can provide what Ronaldo may add or provide, even if the latter is I distinguish in some qualities, but they are all the same as the Portuguese in terms of the technical characteristics of the striker.

So, Chelsea will be the best club for Ronaldo, and Ronaldo is also the striker that Chelsea needs, and the next Mercato may witness this transfer, which will almost certainly change the performance of Potter’s team for the better.

Why is the Chelsea move a win-win situation?

First, Ronaldo scores a goal out of every 3 goals achieved, and he shoots at a rate of 2.5 shots per game, and the Chelsea team, he reaches the goal through achieved opportunities at a rate of 4 times per game, while he succeeds by scoring less than a goal, something that Ronaldo may increase by considering for its rates.

Secondly, the rate of scoring from crosses is the lowest in Chelsea, despite the mastery of crosses, as the backs make 4.1 correct crosses in the match, and are exploited only in a very small percentage, especially after the departure of defender Rudiger to Real Madrid, and also Kurt Zouma, who lost Chelsea this season has that advantage, as the Blues have scored goals with a header only on two occasions, despite making 53 crosses in Chelsea’s 13 games so far in the Premier League.

Of course, Ronaldo has golden headers, which Chelsea can take advantage of and modify this dangerous defect in the attack, and make him a great offensive strength if this contract is completed.

Hence, we can say, that Ronaldo can regain his luster, and subject football to his potential, even if he is no longer able to adapt to the requirements of modern football, then, of course, the ball must submit to its legends, especially when it comes to ending the career in the best possible way.

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