Cosmic Black Holes Are God’s Vitality Recycling Bins!

Cosmic Black Holes Are God’s Vitality Recycling Bins!

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Black holes (or gravity wells) appear to be half and parcel of the continued means of creation as large quantities of matter get sucked down into terrifyingly enormous cosmic drain holes some weighing as a lot as billions of photo voltaic plenty. What occurs to all of the mass that will get consumed by black holes? It’s immediately reworked again into pure vitality in a dimension outdoors of house and time, which then reappears again in our personal universe because the universally expansive power of darkish vitality.

A “7 Up” Universe that Runs on Free Vitality!

The seen universe exists in a steady state of progress and alter as immense voids “bubble up” between huge “partitions” of filamentary superclusters consisting of quite a few galaxies and quasars all with large black holes lurking at their facilities. New cells would always be created in these ever increasing voids with this vitality collapsing or concentrating again into itself within the type of principally darkish matter after which a small quantity of bodily matter. As a result of particles of darkish matter are a lot finer than particles of baryonic matter, they’re much simpler for darkish vitality to create, explaining why there may be a lot extra darkish matter than baryonic matter within the universe.

In these huge voids of darkish vitality between galaxies, trillions of uneven digital particles would “bubble up” from the void, creating huge, however very, very tenuous streams of particles which will finally kind into subatomic particles similar to neutrons (to not be confused with the trillions of practically massless neutrinos that emanate from stars) or rivers of electrically charged particles of plasma swirling down into galaxies the place it condenses into huge star-building nebulae. Such enormous electrically charged rivers of plasma have been discovered all around the universe. Standard astronomers assume these neutron streams got here from the “Huge Bang.” Together with darkish matter, these currents of plasma create large filaments which kind the spine of galaxy creation. Numerous stars are created from these large and ever current cosmic streams of charged particles most of that are fairly invisible however will be detected at numerous microwave frequencies. A few of the oldest stars and essentially the most large new stars would kind into black holes which in flip would give off extra huge streams of charged particles by its intensely concentrated magnetic poles whereas giving off Hawking radiation earlier than finally evaporating again into the remainder of the universe. The everlasting cycles of preservation, destruction and creation are due to this fact repeated all through all existence!

Are New Worlds Being Created from Pure Particle Accelerators?

Might new hydrogen atoms additionally kind from the huge streams of plasma particles accelerated out from large electrical/magnetic vitality vortices (magnetic poles) piercing the middle of huge black holes or quasars? In that case, such hydrogen atoms would finally focus into nebulae, stars and in the end kind complete new worlds.

Contracting and Increasing Forces in a Dynamic Equilibrium

There could also be a continuing steadiness of enlargement, creation, contraction, and recycling of previous matter into new particles by the formation of vitality vortices or black holes. There could due to this fact be a dynamic common steadiness or relationship between darkish vitality, black holes, and the creation of recent matter. It could very effectively be that the contracting vitality of black holes and different gravitational sources are dynamically and universally balanced by the ever increasing and all pervading affect of darkish vitality.

Tremendous Large Black Holes Reside in Each Galaxy Give Off Large Quantities of Radiation

There’s a lot proof to help the concept most galaxies, together with our personal Milky Means galaxy, will need to have at their facilities tremendous large gravity wells within the order of thousands and thousands of photo voltaic plenty. It has been identified for a very long time that quasars are more than likely new galaxies but to mature into full spiral and different kinds of galaxies as they undergo their evolutionary levels. Black holes have a tendency to not be “black” in any respect; they typically, in numerous unusual methods, appear to emit all kinds of particles and kinds of radiation. One medium sized gravitational vortex, as an example, offers off X-rays 260 million occasions brighter than the radiation from the solar regardless that it is just 500 occasions its mass. Usually, the multi-million photo voltaic mass gravity wells appear to “create” out of completely nothing complete galactic formations round their equators as large rings of glowing stars and bands of opaque gaseous nebulae. In fact, a lot of the matter seen or detected could merely be originating from an outdoor supply as gravity pulls it in.

“Alpha Omega” Black Holes Recycle “Previous Matter” again into New Particles of Darkish Vitality All through the “White Gap” of all Surrounding Area

Black holes, typically thought as being a location in house the place all time ends, appear to behave additionally as its personal starting related in style to the Christian “Alpha and Omega” or “the First and the Final.” If there may be an finish to time, it could be in a black gap, whereas its starting could also be discovered wherever darkish vitality brings forth new matter. Scientists have typically puzzled what occurs to the vitality of a substance that will get misplaced eternally down a gravity effectively. The universe is full of large black holes and different sources of gravity. The vitality that’s misplaced within the attraction of gravity is at all times despatched again out into the encompassing house as quantum particles of darkish vitality, a kind of common or collective “white gap” for the entire black holes within the universe. The gravity effectively singularity is a means that each one “previous” matter at its final level of ultimate entropy (finish of its time) is recycled again into particles of darkish vitality all through the common “white gap” of deep house.

Black Holes Characterize an Superb Spectrum of essentially the most Violent Extremes of the Universe and Are Factors of Conjunction or Unification of All of the Major Forces of Nature

What I see in black holes is a profoundly important conjunction of all the principle forces of the universe: similar to gravity (centripetal), darkish vitality (expansive), magnetism, nuclear, centrifugal, and most importantly, quantum or zero level vitality. In different phrases, a black gap could possibly be a dynamic, matter creating, cosmic engine powered by the huge quantities of quantum or zero level vitality naturally current all through the universe. Black holes are usually single, extraordinarily large particles or “holes” of timeless quantum (five-dimensional) house (typically of round tons of of thousands and thousands of photo voltaic plenty) bordered by an occasion horizon and having an enormous fee of spin, creating an ergosphere the place it’s theoretically potential for enormous quantities of vitality and matter to emerge from.

Here’s a spectacular latest picture of what a galaxy-forming large black gap seems like. Notice additionally the large polar jets of synchrotron radiation taking pictures out in each instructions attribute of quasars. All of the bigger sized stars (greater than 5 occasions photo voltaic mass) in the end flip into black holes, but black holes, when giant sufficient, appear to develop into large matter and vitality processing engines that seem to kind complete galaxies from nothing.

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