Croatia imposes a goalless draw on Belgium and reaches the final price

Croatia imposes a goalless draw on Belgium and reaches the final price

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Croatia finished (5 points) in the group stage in second place behind Morocco, who qualified as leaders with (7 points), while Belgium finished third with 3 points, and finally Canada without points.

Live coverage (second half):

The match ended in a 0-0 draw.
– 4 minutes of stoppage time, after the 90 minutes spent by the Belgium national team pressing on its opponent without result.

– D90 Nothing is easier than a completely open goal, and a ball bounces on Lukaku’s chest and does not hit the net.

– D 87 Lukaku was very close to hitting the net, but the ball passed by the post.
– 80 Croatian team tries to snatch a goal.
– D 69 A powerful shot from De Bruyne, but in the corner of the Croatian goalkeeper Levakovich.
– D 60 The most dangerous first meeting opportunity from Belgium, Carrasco, was removed by the Croatian goalkeeper
Levakovich And the second from Lukaku on the list.

– D 54 A powerful shot from Luka Modric and a wonderful save from his Real Madrid colleague Courtois, who plays his 100th match with his country.

D 50 A close shot from Kovacic, but Belgium goalkeeper Courtois pushes it away.
– D 49 A header from Lukaku in the arms of the Croatian goalkeeper
D 46 The whistle sounds at the start of the second session.

Live coverage (first half):

– 45 + 4 at the end of the first half, with a goalless draw.
D 40 Balanced control, and the ball is mostly confined to the middle without much danger.
30 minutes passed, and the match was balanced by performance and chances.

D16 – The referee announces a penalty kick to Carrasco in favor of Croatia, but cancels his decision after returning to the mouse, only to find that there was offside before that.

– D14 A massive assist from De Bruyne to Mertens, but the latter knocked it out by Al Alali.

D11 – The Belgian national team absorbed the pressing start of its opponent and began to take the initiative, so Carrasco threatened him with a powerful ball, which Croatian goalkeeper Levakovic pushed his foot into a corner.

– D01, English referee Anthony Taylor blows the starting whistle directly, and Ivan Perisic threatens the Belgian goal at the eighth second.

Squad of both Croatia and Belgium:

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