Destiny 2 wants feedback to start in 2023, so here’s mine

Destiny 2 wants feedback to start in 2023, so here’s mine

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It’s a brand new year for Destiny 2, although technically the new “year” for the game will begin with Lightfall, which will be released at the end of February. But community manager Cozmo is asking for player feedback through this reddit threadboth short-term and long-term issues, along with smaller changes in quality of life.

Well, since I have a Destiny column here, I thought I’d make a main post instead of a reddit reply. Cozmo, sorry if this is a little longer than you want to read, but you have a lot to go through.

Quality of life: Blues

I mean, what else did you think I was going to start with? I’m not alone here, practically every other QoL post on reddit involves the blues in some form, so I’ll distill it down to the essentials. Some combination of these three things must happen:

1. Blues either don’t go to the postmaster at all, or at the very least, blues don’t have priority over legendary items or piles of currency and push them out of the postmaster.

2. Option in settings to automatically dismantle blues on pickup.

3. The blue ones just stop dropping entirely (or dismount automatically) when you reach the current power cap, at which point they’re no longer useful in any capacity.

This is pretty basic stuff and yet for some reason literally years have passed and nothing has changed. It’s the ultimate “we listen” that never seems to be listened to. do not understand it

Quality of life: Currencies – Removing planetary materials was a good start, but we still have too much currency piled up in our inventory. This includes expansion-specific stuff like Dreaming City Charges of Light or Moon Phantasmal Fragments. Some of them can already be traded for shine, but at a certain point they shouldn’t exist at all and be replaced in these expansions with a pre-cost for shine or something more basic.

Also, this includes things like Rainmaker and Matterweave consumables that simply shouldn’t exist at all and entire stacks should be amortized and deleted.

Quality of Life: Encounter Damage – It seems odd that we only get damage numbers for raid encounters when you they failbecause when you succeed, you can’t see the numbers to judge what you did better or worse on your clear.

Quality of Life: Buff/Debuff Icons – We have so many buffs, debuffs, or other indicators from subclasses 3.0 (and even before) that they often get pushed completely off the screen. This makes it hard to keep track of your buffs, and I have to believe there’s a better way to do some of them than just a list of text that’s stacked 6-8 rows high. It may need a more creative solution than that.

Quality of Life: Preferred Shaders – Sorting shaders only chronologically is exhausting. Let’s sort by most recently used, or at least favorite, certain shaders so that they always appear in the front.

Short Term: Ping System – This would be a way to make Destiny’s famous “micless” LFG work even better. Countless shooters have figured out a way to implement ping systems, and I’m honestly not sure Destiny 2 needs the entire D-pad dedicated to emotes instead of something like this. You can also consider this as an accessibility option for those who can’t or don’t want to communicate verbally while playing.

Short term: Iron Banner drop rates – Dramatically increase late-game Iron Banner gear drops. Increase the loot pool to include more past weapons.

Short Term: Exotic armor drop rates – Drastically increase the drop rate of lost sectors for armor as it is pointless to try to farm one specific piece with high stats with the spread you want so much it’s hardly worth trying.

Short term: Create templates – Recent changes to guaranteed falls and knockout protection are good. I would still reduce the total models needed to three or four. I’d consider not creating templates in new dungeons or raids and just leave it for seasonal weapons (we know Adept weapons will get access to enhanced perks somehow later).

Short Term: Transmog Cap – Pick it up. This might not be the pressing issue it used to be, but I can’t believe that selling transmogrification is a meaningful microtransaction and just makes the system complicated. Players will never catch up to unlock all the looks like transmogrification because it is physically impossible with the current restrictions. Open it up.

Short Term: Material Caps – Drastically increase the material caps for things like Alloy and Shards, as it forces you to spend on substandard items or weird solutions like “storing” extra Shards in crappy craft exotics with literally nowhere else to put them.

Mid Plan: Stasis/Strand Supers – While I appreciate that the Light 3.0 subclasses already gave us keywords like Stasis, it’s a bit skewed the other way now where all three subclasses have at least two supers each and Stasis and now Strand only have one. I understand that it’s a challenge to make more than one super, but it will make these classes feel unbalanced while this disparity exists.

Medium Term: New Light Experience – I know some things are changing soon with Guardian Ranks, but Destiny’s best onboarding system can’t continue to be “know someone else who plays Destiny to explain everything to you”. I also believe that part of the new player experience should include unlocking more content and making it free. Forsaken was never supposed to be a vault, it was supposed to be released. Now the same goes for Shadowkeep. After all, Beyond the Light. And so on. They can’t just keep selling the game in a dozen different installments like this.

Mid-term plan: Revoke content – I fully believe it is in Destiny’s best interest as a game to reveal key classic missions and allow them to be replayed in the Legends section. I’d include The Whisper, Zero Hour, Presage, and Operation Seraph’s Shield in this (if it goes away) for starters. Optional extras can be Harbinger or Vox Obscura. It’s criminal that these are some of the best missions in Destiny history and they’ve literally been lost forever under the current system.

Medium: Gambit and Crucible Maps – One legitimately new Crucible card per year and zero Gambit cards cannot be the standard going forward for what are supposed to be the two main pillars of the game. While I understand that Bungie is working on other PvP projects, the way these modes have been neglected is inexcusable.

Long-term: Seasonal structure – I’ve been told that changing Destiny’s seasonal structure is like flipping an aircraft carrier, and while I don’t want it to be scrapped entirely, I think we need something to break up the monotony of the dozen things each season can predict. HELM Vendor, Small Upgrade Squares, Seasonal Six Man Activity, Artifact Mods, Weekly Story Drops, etc. etc. While this can work well sometimes, I generally think we need to shake things up every now and then as it gets a bit rote when we’re locked into the same structure for literally years.

Long term: engine/server overhaul – Destiny is getting old. This includes the game itself and its backend architecture, which breaks more and more often. I want to know what steps Bungie is taking to fix this in the long term with seemingly a lot more Destiny content coming, it’s like things are starting to get so bad now, it’s hard to imagine where we’ll be in another 3+ years.

Long-term: Post-final form – The only hint we have of this is talk of another “saga” that will still use Destiny 2 as a base. How long should Destiny 2 have? Is there an actual plan for Destiny 3, or if it’s not called that, just a clean, new title arriving some time in the future? It feels like there has to be another wipeout eventually. Is this the start of the next generation of consoles? What’s the long-term, long-term plan for Destiny here, because it seems like Destiny 2 can’t and shouldn’t live forever.

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