Details of Al-Ahly’s first training session after the negative rest ended

Details of Al-Ahly’s first training session after the negative rest ended

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Ziad Tariq and Mohamed Mahmoud, the Al-Ahly duo, returned to participate in the team’s group training this morning, Monday, after the negative rest that the players received for 5 days ended.

The duo participated in the training today, after the approval of the coach, Marcel Koehler, who also returned from his country after midnight yesterday.

Mahmoud Metwally and Mohamed Abdel Moneim, players of the team, performed a rehabilitation session in the gym on the sidelines of the team’s collective training, which was held this morning at the Touch Stadium on the island.

Abdel Moneim undertook part of the training exercises around the stadium and individual physical exercises under the supervision of Mahmoud Hamdi, the rehabilitation specialist, while Metwally was satisfied with a training session in the gym.

Abdel Moneim is absent from the team’s group training because of his nose surgery, while Metwally is absent after suffering a muscle injury in the team’s last camp.

Amr Al-Sulayya, the team’s midfielder, organized the entire team’s training session after he was absent for the last period due to a muscle injury, before he finished his rehabilitation and treatment program and participated before the rest period in part of the group exercises.

The red team is scheduled to play its training tomorrow in two periods, after it returned to training today at Mukhtar Al-Titch Stadium.

Al-Ahly is preparing during the coming period for the Arab Contractors match in the Egypt Cup, which is scheduled for the 27th of this month.

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