“Egypt’s group remains” .. 7 qualifiers for the quarterfinals of the World Handball Championship

“Egypt’s group remains” .. 7 qualifiers for the quarterfinals of the World Handball Championship

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7 teams qualified for the quarterfinals of the World Handball Championship after the end of the first day’s matches of the third round of the main round of the World Handball Championship, which is currently taking place in Poland and Sweden.

Spain and France managed to advance to the quarter-finals of Group A of the main round after the French Roosters won the match that brought them together at the Spanish Matador on Sunday night with a score of 26-24.

With this result, France is at the top with 10 points, while Spain’s balance is frozen at 8 points in second place.

In the second group, the Swedish national team qualified for the quarterfinals after occupying the top of the second group with 10 points, while the Hungarian national team is in second place with 6 points.

The Hungarian national team was waiting for a Swedish gift after their 42-30 victory over Cape Verde today, and what the Hungarian national team wished for was achieved when Sweden beat Portugal tonight.

The Swedish national team, the 2021 World Summer runner-up, took Hungary with them to the quarter-finals, where the Swedish national team placed first in the second group and the Hungarian national team came second.

Germany and Norway also qualified from group three after finishing first and second with 8 points each, and they meet tomorrow night, Monday, to decide the leader and second place.

The Egyptian national team finally qualified after collecting 8 points, but it remains to decide the top of the group when they face Denmark, the world champions, in the last match of the main round, tomorrow, Monday.

The second side of the group that will officially qualify for the quarter-finals is determined after the end of the match between Egypt and Denmark and Croatia against Bahrain, where the Danish national team must draw or win to seal promotion, while the Croatian national team must won by a wide margin over Bahrain to officially qualify.

4 fiery confrontations await at the end of the main round of the tournament, where the national team of Croatia will meet Bahrain at seven in the evening, Serbia and the Netherlands in a very strong match, and the national team of Egypt will play Denmark at half past nine in the evening, when it is and the match Germany – Norway, which will determine the leader of the second place.

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