Extra fun or distraction? Egyptian football competes in the World Cup

Extra fun or distraction? Egyptian football competes in the World Cup

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and decided Egyptian Federation Football and Association Clubs The professional team will hold local matches in 3 different tournaments during the World Cup period, which will not witness the participation of the Egyptian team.

Final decision

A member of the Egyptian Football Association and head of the competitions committee, Amer Hussein, said in televised statements that he took into account matches world Cup The task when setting the dates of local championship matches.

Hussein added: “I studied the World Cup schedule well before setting the dates for the local championship matches. We avoided the crowded days of matches in the World Cup, and we stayed away from the dates of the confrontations of the major teams.”

Amer continued: “The Egyptian spectator will not miss any match in the World Cup, with the exception of one. When 4 matches are held in one day in the World Cup, we will have to sacrifice watching only one match in order to follow the local championships.”

The Professional Clubs Association had announced the establishment of 3 rounds of the Egyptian Premier League during the World Cup pause period, in addition to the League Cup competitions, and the games postponed from last season in the Egypt Cup, so that the World Cup period witnessed the establishment of 3 different local championships in Egypt.

Objective and interpretation

Sports critic who specializes in regulations and competitions, Ahmed Sharif, said in statements to “Sky News Arabia” that playing local matches in Egypt during the World Cup seems strange at first glance, but in fact it is not so in light of the exceptional circumstances of the World Cup in Qatar.

And Sharif added: “FIFA has shown flexibility to grant exceptions for playing local matches during the World Cup, and Egypt, China, Oman and Sudan have obtained these exceptions, which makes it common and not strange this time.”

On the reason for excluding FIFA, Sharif said: “The Qatar Championship is held on an exceptional date, as we are used to World Cup matches in the summer, not winter in the middle of the season, which allows many exceptions so that there is no accumulation and the continuation of some tournaments during the summer period.”

The Professional Clubs Association and the Egyptian Football Association are seeking to completely end their domestic competitions no later than June 30, 2023, instead of the end of August and the extension to September, as happened in previous seasons.

Sherif continued, “Football in Egypt suffers from overlapping seasons and tournaments, and poor organization and management in the past years is one of the reasons for the crowding of the local matches calendar, but the Clubs Association is forced to take advantage of the World Cup period to play three or four rounds of the league.” All Arab and European leagues in several weeks.

And he concluded: “The World Cup matches receive special attention in Egypt, even if the national team is not participating in them, and therefore the follow-up to the local league matches will be negatively affected, even if Al-Ahly or Zamalek is one of its parties, and we may find a reluctance to watch some of them because of the conflict in their dates with strong confrontations. In the World Cup, but it is clear that the marketing and advertising aspect is not the highest priority for the Association of Clubs now as much as the interest in ending the season on time from its beginning.”

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