Feng Shui Suggestions for Bedrooms

Feng Shui Suggestions for Bedrooms

Feng Shui Suggestions for Bedrooms

Feng Shui Suggestions for Bedrooms

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Use the powers of feng shui to sleep higher, be extra energized and profitable, and enhance your love life. The bed room is necessary as a result of it’s there that we recharge and prepare for a brand new day. Getting evening’s sleep is crucial to our well being and well-being.

Bedrooms additionally afford privateness. It could be the place the place a baby holds their treasures and desires, or it may be your home of intimacy along with your companion. Feng shui says that issues within the bed room from all kinds of sources will be traced to how your house is organized. Bedrooms ought to have extra yin vitality than yang. Yin is passive and promotes leisure, whereas yang vitality is forceful and energizing. Utilizing your bed room for different functions like work may attribute to yang vitality.

Learn on to find what to keep away from, learn how to work across the limitations of the room and learn how to create the perfect feng shui you’ll be able to in your bed room.

Very best areas for a feng shui bed room are southeast, east, west, northwest or north of the house’s heart. Bedrooms situated to the south, southwest or northeast of the house’s heart ought to be prevented if potential.

Bed room Don’ts

Train gear and exercise house; Workplace gear and work house

Work and train are each essential, however they need to not happen within the bed room. These actions each produce a variety of yang vitality, which is disruptive in a sleeping surroundings. If there isn’t any different place in your train gear or workplace supplies, attempt to cowl them up at evening so they don’t seem to be seen reminders of what’s ready for you if you rise up.


Many individuals put a TV of their bed room, however not solely do they disrupt sleep, they disrupt relationships. You need to have the ability to join along with your companion within the bed room, not the late evening film. Televisions give off electromagnetic waves as properly that aren’t a wholesome factor for the bed room.


Mirrors make it tough to eliminate previous feelings as a result of they replicate chi again at you when you are sleeping.

Sharp corners and edges

Furnishings with sharp edges and crops which have jagged leaves interrupt the circulate of chi. Easy and spherical shapes are far more conductive to relaxation and yin vitality.

Exhausting, shiny surfaces

Metallic, mirrors and glossy stone surfaces like marble will serve to make the chi transfer quicker. That is the alternative scenario you want if you’re making an attempt to chill out and sleep.


It’s higher feng shui to have a mattress raised up off the ground on a mattress body in order that air and chi can flow into beneath it. For those who want this house for storage, it helps if the saved supplies are sleep-related and that it does not must be dug out and used too often. If you’re making an attempt to develop into pregnant, do not make it a precedence to wash beneath the mattress. If the chi accumulates beneath the mattress, it may possibly assist.

King mattresses

King measurement beds require a break up proper down the center as a result of two field springs are required to assist the mattress. This additionally creates a break up between you and your companion. To repair this break up, wrap the 2 field springs with a big piece of crimson material or discover a fitted sheet massive sufficient to cowl each of them. Place the mattress on prime as regular.

Electrical energy

Attempt to preserve electrical wires and retailers away out of your head if you sleep.

Unmade beds

In feng shui, like many different traditions, unmade beds convey unhealthy vitality.

Bed room Do’s

  • See the dawn: If the dawn will be seen out of your mattress, you’ll usher in very sturdy, constructive chi vitality.
  • A spherical vase of metallic holding crimson flowers: Situate this vase within the west facet of the bed room to extend amorous adventures.
  • Picket mattress frames and/or headboards: Wooden neutralizes the circulate of chi, particularly round your head. This helps you chill out and get evening’s sleep.
  • Pure fiber bedding: Mattress linens of cotton, silk or linen are the perfect selections for sleeping. The very best shade selections to herald yin vitality are shades of rose or pink with round patterns.
  • Unclutter it!: Whereas that is true for your entire home, a neat and tidy bed room helps you sleep higher.
  • Mattress location: Optimum instructions to put your mattress embody having your head level north if you’re older, or east for youngsters. Different instructions will assist in totally different areas of your life. For instance, having your head level southeast will assist foster communication and creativity. Southwest creates extra settled relationships. West promotes good sleep, romance and elevated prosperity. Northwest helps you are feeling extra management in your life.

Putting your mattress so your head factors south or northeast might end in nervousness or nightmares. The vitality from these two instructions is unstable, stuffed with exercise and will be very highly effective.

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