FilGoal | News | Abdullah Al-Saeed: Al-Ahly does everything to destroy my future..and my decision is to kill them

FilGoal | News | Abdullah Al-Saeed: Al-Ahly does everything to destroy my future..and my decision is to kill them

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Abdullah Al-Saeed, the current and former Al-Ahly player, spoke in a lengthy interview with the American website The Athletic about his famous crisis with Al-Ahly.

Al-Ahly had obtained a court ruling obligating Abdullah Al-Saeed to pay two million dollars due to the violation of his departure contract to Al-Ahly Jeddah and his return to Pyramids.

Al-Saeed obtained a ruling from the Sports Court (CAS) on the correctness of his position before Al-Ahly obtained a court ruling.

Al-Saeed said in his statements with The Athletic: “Al-Ahly is doing everything to destroy my future, this is how I see the current situation. Of course, it did not affect me, but I need to focus on my career because this will affect my future. I do not think I made any mistake.”

the start

Al-Saeed revealed, “In the beginning, I did not reach an agreement with Al-Ahly, so Zamalek spoke to me and we had an agreement and I signed a contract with them.”

He explained, “I asked Zamalek to remain silent. If my signature was officially announced, Al-Ahly would have suspended me and this could have affected my chances in the World Cup. I wanted to play in the World Cup.”

Al-Saeed added, “After Mortada Mansour announced my signature and proved it, Al-Ahly officials realized that they were in trouble, so they pressured me to continue and told me if I signed, they would do what I want.”

And he continued, “I signed with Al-Ahly, but the next day I was surprised by my freezing, why do they not allow me to move after I had already signed a pre-contract with another club? Why does Al-Ahly do this, does he want to get me in trouble?”

Leave and strange item

Al-Saeed said: “When Turki Al-Sheikh suggested to me to play for my family in Jeddah, I had no choice, I had to do this, and I no longer chose anything.”

He revealed, “Al-Ahly put a clause that prevents me from moving to another Egyptian club for three years, and if this happens, it deserves a penalty clause of two million dollars, and at that moment I did not want to sign.”

He continued, “I was thinking, perhaps, if I go to Saudi Arabia, I do not feel comfortable and at that time I want to return to Egypt, and after communicating with my family in Jeddah, they told me that they wanted me for two years and I would play these two years, and after that, if we did not renew, I would be free and I could return to Egypt.”

He explained, “It was not comfortable and it was not the best thing for me and my family, and the officials of the people of Jeddah told me that they wanted to include foreign players, so we reached an agreement and the contract was terminated.”


Regarding the legality of his departure, he explained, “My Jeddah family and lawyers told me that I have the right to play anywhere, and that a club cannot force a player to play for a club without another, and I cannot be forced to do so when I am a free player.”

Al-Saeed revealed, “My return to Egypt through Pyramids was strange for me, but I acted professionally, and, thank God, I scored the equalizer and scored the victory.”

Freezing his assets

When asked why Al-Ahly is prosecuting you in the civil courts, your assets and bank accounts have been frozen? Said replied, “I don’t know.”

He added, “I played in Al-Ahly for six years, and I was very professional and I did not have any problem with the club, but they have the idea that the player goes and comes based on what they prefer, so when I made my decision to go to a competitor, that was something that killed them.”

Al-Saeed stressed, “Perhaps what happens to me is a personal thing, I do not know, I think about many things, but I do not know the real reason, I do not know anything that makes them act in this way, I cannot believe it.”

At the conclusion of a dialogue and with a request to send one message to Al-Ahly, Al-Saeed concluded his statements, “I have nothing to say, I am surprised by the way a big club in Africa deals with a player, I did nothing but represent the club professionally, I am surprised and sad, that is the matter.” .

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