FilGoal | News | Al-Afriqi’s lawyer for Al-Joul: FIFA gave us justice against Zamalek..and details of fine and possible suspension

FilGoal | News | Al-Afriqi’s lawyer for Al-Joul: FIFA gave us justice against Zamalek..and details of fine and possible suspension

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The African’s lawyer, Selim Boulsnam, said the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) had served the Tunisian club justice after receiving a decision to fine Zamalek over the transfer of Seif Al-Din Al-Jaziri and the right to sponsor him.

The African’s lawyer spoke to today, Friday: “The International Federation Dispute Resolution Chamber has given justice to the African after ruling in our favor on the right to sponsor Al-Jazeera.”

And he continued: “This happened after Al-Jazeera moved to Zamalek from the Arab contractors for a fee.”

And added: “Zamalek will pay 838 thousand Egyptian pounds, in addition to interest.”

Salim Bulsnam concluded: “This is in addition to Zamalek’s $2,000 fine, a lawsuit being paid to FIFA. If Zamalek does not pay the fine within 45 days, it will be suspended from registration.”

Al-Afriki’s lawyer attached to a copy of the dispute resolution committee’s decision, which includes the following:

** Partial approval of the Afro-Tunisian claim.

** Zamalek must pay 838,000 Egyptian pounds as sponsorship fee in addition to the following:

.. 5% interest on the amount of 335 thousand and 200 pounds, starting from March 3, 2021 until the day of payment of the fine.

.. 5% interest on the amount of 502 thousand and 800 pounds, calculated from November 15, 2021 until the day of payment of the fine.

** Deny any other claims of the plaintiff.

what happened?

Last September, FIFA’s Dispute Resolution Committee sent a letter to Zamalek wanting to know how Al-Jaziri joined its ranks of performers in order to calculate the right to sponsor it.

This came after Al-Jaziri joined Zamalek from Al-Mokaulun on loan before pipping him on a permanent transfer.

Mortada Mansour, Zamalek’s president at the time, spoke on his club’s channel, saying: “FIFA sent us an inquiry that wanted to get the contract between us and the contractors to know who is entitled to sponsorship.”

And he continued: “If Zamalek have to pay the money, how much is the right sponsorship? 2.5%, or €20,000, equivalent to £400,000.”

For his part, Alaa Abaza, the player’s agent, spoke last July on Al-Mehwar channel, saying: “Seif Al-Jaziri was loaned by Zamalek contractors with the intention of selling, after which the white club made a clause for purchase and approached FIFA before his registration and he allowed it during the suspension period of Zamalek’s registration.” .

He added: “Saif al-Jaziri’s registration in Zamalek is 100% intact and if there was any crisis, it would have emerged a few months ago.”

And he continued: “Al-Zamalek, although subject to a registration suspension, can register a player returning from loan or renew a player whose contract has expired, or transfer a player from loan to outright sale, but not can buy a new player.”

The Football Association said in a statement sent to journalists at the time: “The player moved from El Mokaulun to Zamalek on loan before the decision to stop Zamalek from being registered.”

He added: “While Al Jaziri was at Zamalek, a decision was issued to stop the club from registering new players.”

And he explained: “In the sense that if a player has been on Zamalek’s list, his contract can be extended, his loan can be turned into a permanent transfer and the player’s status can also be transferred from amateur to professional.”

And the Football Association concluded its statement, “The club also has the right to reinstate its loan players and all these cases do not prejudice the decision to suspend the registration.”

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