FilGoal | News | Al-Khulaifi: I feel sad for the Super League clubs..Turki’s news to Paris Saint-Germain makes me laugh

FilGoal | News | Al-Khulaifi: I feel sad for the Super League clubs..Turki’s news to Paris Saint-Germain makes me laugh

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Nasser Al-Khelaifi, owner and president of Paris Saint-Germain, denied the possibility of leaving the club anytime soon or selling it, stressing that the project is still in its infancy.

Al-Khulaifi spoke about Qatar hosting the 2022 World Cup in a lengthy interview with the Spanish newspaper Marca.

Al-Khulaifi said in his interview with Marca: “It is wonderful to host the World Cup in Qatar because it unites everyone from different cultures, languages, religions and ages. Everyone is playing in a crazy atmosphere and they are all passionate about football. There is no hostile atmosphere and everyone is proud of Qatar welcoming the world.”

And he continued, “We are not perfect and we made some mistakes like everyone else, but we developed as a nation and society faster than any other country, and what frustrates me is that people talk about Qatar without visiting it. You have to come here to see the culture, facilities, values ​​and humility that all the proud and honorable Qatari people enjoy. All over the world because this is part of our DNA and this is a different culture from Europe.”

And he continued, “The candidates for the title? Of course, I support the Paris Saint-Germain players in the World Cup, but I see that some surprises in the tournament may appear away from Argentina, which is recovering, and Brazil. There is also Spain and without a doubt Portugal and France because they are strong teams, and Germany will be stronger in the knockout stages.” .

He stressed, “The end of the story between Qatar and Paris Saint-Germain after the World Cup? This news makes me laugh and I see it as a joke, because this is only the beginning between my company and Paris Saint-Germain, and we are about to enter the second phase, which will witness great growth, and the club’s exciting days are yet to come.”

Al-Khulaifi talked about the possibility of Paris Saint-Germain leaving the Princes’ Park stadium, saying: “Our first option is to stay, but I think that the city council does not want us to stay and is pressuring us to leave. We have been arguing with them for five years and every time we get the same false promises as today, tomorrow or after.” We are fed up with the elections and we need a fair deal.”

And he continued, “I love the Princes Park stadium and I respect it very much because it is our history and survival has always been our first choice, but I do not think that they want us there. We have invested about 80 million euros from our pockets in the stadium, but it does not belong to us. We entered to have more fans than we can accommodate and now we are looking at other options because we are no longer welcome at the Princes Park and we are tired.”

He added, “There is interest from some investors in the club, and they want to obtain minority shares, and we are talking to them frankly, and the value of Paris Saint-Germain has exceeded 4 billion euros now, because we built a brand from scratch, and now we are witnessing the results of our work, and as a reminder, this is only the beginning, and the project is still long.”

And he continued, “Mbappe’s desire to leave? Every month, every week, and every day, I answer this. He just extended his contract, and we are all happy, and the team has not lost any match from the start of the season, and we sold our tickets in full for the 100th consecutive match.”

Mbappe had extended his contract with Paris Saint-Germain before the start of the current season for an additional two seasons.

And he concluded, “The future of the Super League? The truth is that I feel sad for them because they have shown time and time again that they do not understand football and its ecosystem. It wore a legal contract, but a social contract, and when the fans protested in the streets, the Super League was not launched, failed, and now they are crying out for their legal obligations.” Football is the link between clubs and players, between players and fans, between fans and communities, and that will never change.

And 11 clubs out of 11 had decided to withdraw from the Super League championship, after the total rejection that reached the protests in the streets for some fans.

Only Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus remain, who have not announced their withdrawal from the Super League.

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