FilGoal | News | Gedo: Shawky Gharib has started to regain some rights.. Al-Ahly is negotiating with Omar Fayed

FilGoal | News | Gedo: Shawky Gharib has started to regain some rights.. Al-Ahly is negotiating with Omar Fayed

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Mohamed Nagi Gedo, the assistant coach of the technical staff of the Arab Contractors team, believes that Shouki Gharib, the technical director, has started to regain some of his rights during his success with the Arab Contractors.

Gedo acknowledged Al-Ahly’s talks to bring in Omar Fayed, the young defender from the Arab Contractors team.

Gedo said on Ontime Sports: “The shot that brought me together with Shawky Gharib after Mamadou Nias’ goal in the Ismaily net, two minutes after he came in, he told me his decision was right with that switch.”

The Arab Contractors had defeated the Ismailis by three goals to one in the thirteenth round of the league competition.

“Shouky Gharib is one of the good coaches and leads the Egyptian national teams in their different age groups,” Gedo added.

He emphasized: “The treatment of him was not good and he was subjected to injustice and now he is recovering some of his rights.”

He added: “Things are going well at Arab Contractors and there is a great convergence of opinion between management and technical staff and we have ambition.”

When asked about Omar Fayed, Gedo replied: “There are indeed talks from Al-Ahly about including the player and there is communication with Mohamed Adel, the general supervisor of the ball.”

“But what I do know is that the desire of the club and the player is to turn professional in Europe,” Gedo revealed.

He stressed: “Omar Fayed is a young player and he has the African Youth Championship next month in Egypt and he has a good opportunity.”

19-year-old Omar Fayed plays in the defender position and this season he has played 11 of the 13 games played by the Arab performers in the league this season.

Fayed started his career from the youth team of the Arab performers and appeared in the youth team.

Regarding the participation of Mohamed Abdel Nasser, despite his young age, he explained: “The participation of Abdel Nasser, although he was born in 2006, is normal for Shawky Gharib, who knows well the young players in Egypt at the time when was at the helm of an Olympic team’.

Gedo concluded his remarks, “The goal of the technical staff and management is to integrate the youth with the senior players to introduce new elements to the Egyptian league.”

Arab Artists are in fifth place with 21 points, three points behind Golden Square.

The Arab performers have achieved victory in the last three matches that the team has played in the league.

The Arab performers will host the Aswan team on Thursday evening as part of the fourteenth round of competition.

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