FilGoal | News | Joule Show News – Saudi Arabia by John Ebuka

FilGoal | News | Joule Show News – Saudi Arabia by John Ebuka

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Ceramica Cleopatra striker John Ibuka has received an offer from Saudi club Al-Ahly Jeddah.

And as far as he knows The Saudi club wants to include Ibuka during the ongoing winter transfers at the request of the team’s coach Pizzo Musimane.

In the same context, Ceramica wants to get a good financial offer with some players to support the team in the current transfers, so the Egyptian offers may be preferred.

And Ahmed Sami, the technical director of Ceramica, said earlier on the channel “Ontime Sports 1”, commenting on Ibuka’s future, “There are offers from Egypt and Libya for Ibuka and I will have a session with the management of Ceramica to discuss the idea of his departure and whether it will benefit the club or not.”

He added: “I don’t know the truth about the offers sent to Ibuka, but I heard that Zamalek wanted him and I didn’t hear about Al-Ahly’s offer.”

And he continued: “I don’t want players in the deal to sell Ipoca. The team needs support outside of Al-Ahly and Zamalek.”

And he added: “If it is in the interest of the club to sell Ibuka, it will be because the question is within the framework of investments.”

Sami stressed: “I’m not the coach who latches on to a player and forces him to stay and then his level is negatively affected.”

“It is normal for the price of Ibuka to reach $2 million in light of what we are hearing about the transaction numbers,” he explained.

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