FilGoal | News | Kroll: What distinguishes Salah is what Shikabala needed.. and Hazem Imam could have gone far

FilGoal | News | Kroll: What distinguishes Salah is what Shikabala needed.. and Hazem Imam could have gone far

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Rod Kroll, coach, Rod Kroll, former coach of Zamalek, Egypt’s first and Olympic team, believes that Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, has many mental characteristics that help him shine, in addition to his footballing capabilities.

Kroll spoke to MBC Egypt, in response to a question about whether he expected a player like Salah to appear in Egyptian football, saying: “Yes, I expected this because when I trained the Olympic team, we had very great talents, and there are many talents that are still playing in the streets and do not join. necessarily for clubs.

He stressed, “But Egypt is full of talents, and Hani Ramzy made the Egyptian player play in Germany, Hazem Imam, who went to Italy, Abdel Sattar Sabri in Portugal, and Essam El-Hadary in Switzerland, that period included many wonderful players who could play in any foreign club.”

The Dutch coach continued, “As for Salah, he is at the top in Europe, a very amazing player, I love watching him play, but certainly in the Egyptian national team he is not supported as a striker as he is supported in Liverpool.”

Asked if Shikabala had continued, the leader of Zamalek in Europe, would he have been able to play at the top, Kroll replied, “In Europe, to be a top player in Europe, you must be characterized by mental stability and a balanced mindset.”

And he continued, “Salah had these characteristics, even when he goes through difficult times, you find him balanced and calm, you must have this to continue in Europe.”

He continued, “Because if you did not have that mentality, you would not play in Rome, Basel, and now Liverpool, and you play at the highest levels, and he always shows his quality. He certainly has periods of brilliance and a drop in level, but Salah’s characteristics remain the same.”

And about the player who could be like Salah in his professionalism in Europe, he replied, “Hazem Imam had all the characteristics, but he did not go to the right club at the right time.”

Kroll continued, “But Hazem Imam has all the characteristics and characteristics of a wonderful player. He may not have been psychologically and morally able to settle outside Egypt for a long time, but he was very skilled on the field, but as I said, you need other characteristics to reach the highest levels of success.”

Regarding Zamalek, Kroll said: “I follow Zamalek, of course, not much, because most of the matches do not come on TV, but I see him intermittently. I see that they are performing well, and that there are old players in the team like Shikabala.

He continued, “I certainly remember the competition with Al-Ahly, which is one of the largest derbies in the world, and it is a very nice thing to watch such a match.”

He continued, “I knew that Zamalek won the league for two consecutive seasons, and I am very happy with this, which is a very good sign for Zamalek and also Al-Ahly. Perhaps he was not lucky enough and did not succeed enough. Perhaps they are going through a somewhat low period, and this is normal in football.”

And about whether he can coach Al-Ahly, he replied, “The coach sometimes, but in many cases, does not choose, but trains, all clubs are equal for him.”

And he added, “Egypt is full of good teams now, the tools are different, and the way to play is different. I love Egypt and I still love it, and I spent a beautiful time in it and I can’t forget that.”

Regarding Zamalek coach Josevaldo Ferreira, Kroll said: “I do not know Josevaldo Ferreira personally, but I see that he is doing very well with Zamalek.”

On the reason for the failure of his compatriot Martin Jol with Al-Ahly, he replied, “I trained in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Kuwait and the UAE. This is not easy.”

Kroll concluded his dialogue, “But in Europe, the culture is different from other places in the world, and this is an important thing, but for me it was compatibility with those conditions and I knew what I had to do, and I did what I did not in the European way, but in the way of the country in which I live.”

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