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FilGoal | News | Official statement

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Salem Al-Shamsi, owner of Pyramids Club, issued an official statement warning against withdrawing his investment from Egyptian football because of the “unsuitable conditions for creativity or progress” his club is exposed to.

Pyramids’ match against Future, which ended in a positive draw with a goal for each team in the 13th round of the league, witnessed widespread objections to the match referee, Mohamed Maaruf.

The referee awarded two penalties to Budeste, with Abdullah Al-Saed, the Pyramids captain, sent off.

In his statement, Al-Shamsi made it clear that his team has been subjected to injustice in the last period, whether by the Football Association or the Association of Egyptian Professional Clubs, which issues the club’s rights and affects it in its journey to competition , according to his description.

Al Shamsi stated his objections as follows:


“Having a number of Pyramids club matches in the league, notably at two forty-five in the afternoon, where 6 matches have so far been decided for the team at this completely surprising time, although the season has only gone 13 games, while the rest of the competition are teams. The title matches are played at seven in the evening and without taking into account Pyramids Club, one of the most important competitors in the competition, and yet the club did not object to the decisions and played their matches in this bad weather, considering the stability and regularity of the league championship and it is certainly no coincidence that our team plays almost half of its matches so far. In the league at noon, which affects us technically and marketing-wise, while the rest of the competitors play normally in the evening and in a proper football atmosphere.

Perhaps the most obvious example of the apparent intransigence of the Club League and the head of the Competitions Committee and its courtesies against the Pyramids is what happened in changing the date of the match between the Future and the Pyramids to be at seven instead of five, as previously planned, except that he changed two matches for the Pyramids from the evening to be played at noon, justifying this in his statements. That it is for the purposes of television broadcasting, let us be surprised and surprised by all the followers of the objection of a channel ON team during the studio to the conflict of the date of this important match with another match of no less importance between Zamalek and Al-Ittihad. The viewing element of the Egyptian League and even raises legitimate questions about the main unannounced reason for this change in date at the match.

Referee Muhammad Maarouf

“The decision by the Football Association and the Referees Committee to appoint the same referee, ‘Mohamed Maarouf’, for a third consecutive game to officiate at the Pyramids and the Premier League Future Match, despite the club’s previous objection to the referee, which resulted in the loss of 5 points from Pyramids Club in the previous two matches between the two clubs and committed many crimes. Fatal refereeing errors and the official request of Pyramids club was not taken into account by the Referee Committee, regarding the removal of a referee from officiating any match for him in the future, as as the same referee sent off Hani Saeed in the second round match of the previous edition of the league for no clear reason and she is certainly not from the Coincidence, the same referee officiating 3 consecutive matches in one competition for the same two teams unless there is something that we don’t know about him!

“As Pyramids warned before the match, the Future match witnessed many refereeing violations and strange decisions that cannot be tolerated: the referee awarded two imaginary penalty kicks against Pyramids in less than 20 minutes, which cannot be tolerated, and the second penalty kick is actually a foul in favor of our team’s defender. However, the referee insisted on counting them, refusing to go to the mouse to check the validity of the two plays. The referee helped the Future team lose more than 20 minutes because the fall of more than one player in an unjustified manner and did not issue a yellow card, not even to one of them, on the basis of claims of injury and time loss in a way that could not be Silence about it, but rather was a contributing factor for wasting time throughout the match. The referee didn’t blow his whistle to award the equalizing goal for the Pyramids, as if he was stunned by the goal and was looking for an error to disallow it. The referee made a disaster in the full sense of the word when he sent off Abdullah Al-Saeed in a ridiculous way in the last seconds And during his dialogue with Al-Saeed and the other players, including the goalkeeper, he ordered the game to continue despite the presence of the sent-off player on field, and he counterattacked against the Pyramids Gate, an inevitable mistake.

Pyramids objected to the appointment of Mohamed Maarouf as the referee for the team’s match against Future Gayle, the match was stated by Hani Saeed, the team’s sporting director at Statements on his club’s official website.

After the match, Pyramids officials renewed their angry statements towards Maarouf and the arbitration decisions during the match.

African participation

“It is unacceptable for the team to be runners-up in the last edition of the Premier League championship, to be forced to play in the African Confederation Cup against its will, and although the rules are on its side and it has the right to be in the Champions League, except if there is no reason.” Another thing we don’t know about this unfair decision.* Pyramids Club’s investment in Egyptian football and its great fans comes from 100% love and conviction, but we sometimes feel that working with Pyramids Club is different from working with other clubs and I don’t know the reason for this, although it is according to everyone’s testimony that the presence of Pyramids has contributed to the development of Egyptian football and the format of competition for the league and other tournaments and the club has become the main and important source for all Egyptian teams from all ages.

The Pyramids finished last season in second place in the league championship, but this season they participated in the Confederation of African Championship instead of the Champions League, as the Football Association selected the participating teams in Africa according to last season’s first round standings due to the late end of the season in Egypt and then Pyramids was third and Al-Ahly second.

Decisive decisions

“I do not hide from everyone that in the event of the continuation of the injustice against the club, we will begin, unfortunately, to make decisive decisions whether to continue to invest in the club, because it is not possible to continue under such conditions, they are not suitable for creativity or progress in football. Here’s a question for all football officials. The Egyptian, why all this injustice and inappropriate treatment? We contribute to building a better future for Egyptian football youth and promising opportunities in a beautiful and developed football market!”

“Pyramids Club always rejects the idea of ​​deviating from the script, as well as complaints and statements, however busy we are with the matter of building a team that will be one of the strongest pillars of Egyptian and African football during the coming years that will serve all expensive Egyptian teams at all stages.* We respect all clubs and do not discriminate. We have no problems with any of these clubs or those who manage them, whom we all value and respect, and we are confident that everyone is working in the interest of Egyptian football. Finally, I call on all those responsible for the management of Egyptian football to intervene immediately to stop the series of gross injustices that have been committed. The pyramids are exposed to him in Egyptian football, and his last clear episode was exactly what the team was exposed to during the meeting of the future.

Salem Al Shamsi, an Emirati businessman, has officially owned the Pyramids Club since February 2019.

The team has since reached the CAF final against Nadeth Berkane and lost 1-0, in addition to consistent African participation and reaching the final of the 2019 Egypt Cup.

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