FilGoal | News | Removal in only two cases. Fatuh and Abdullah Jumaa’s anti-doping stance is revealed in Jaula

FilGoal | News | Removal in only two cases. Fatuh and Abdullah Jumaa’s anti-doping stance is revealed in Jaula

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The Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization has begun its action against Ahmed Fatouh and Abdullah Gomaa, the Zamalek club duo.

Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek, announced in televised statements that the two had used cannabis.

and taught The International Anti-Doping Committee has already contacted its Egyptian counterpart and asked him to withdraw two samples from Fatu and Jumaa.

The Egyptian organization is working to retrieve the two samples from the Zamalek duo to be sent for testing to laboratories in the Spanish city of Barcelona.

Members of the Egyptian outfit actually went to Zamalek club yesterday, Saturday, to take two samples of the duo, but their absence from their team’s training prevented that.

Players will not be suspended unless:

The first: refusal to submit to a doping test as soon as they are reached by the Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization, which means that they must first be presented to the members of the organization and refuse to submit to the tests.

The second: the sample is positive after a laboratory test and it is proven that they used prohibited substances.

This comes after Mortada Mansour Al-Jumaa met Abdullah Jumaa in a private session.

Mansoor then appeared in a video accompanied by Juma, during which he said addressing the player: “I have accepted your apology and I hope the fans will accept it. I’m sure we’ll start a new page from now on.”

He added: “You are loyal to the club and you have received several offers but you have always apologized for not accepting them.

And he continued: “I personally made sure that you will go on the right path, because you are a talented player.”

Mansour continued: “We don’t sell our children and the mistake is possible at an early age. As long as the player realizes his mistake and decides to fix it, there is no problem.”

He explained: “To play Abdullah Juma or not is the job of coach Josevaldo Ferreira.”

What happened?

Zamalek have announced the formation of their squad to face the interior, featuring Ahmed Fatouh and the presence of Abdullah Gomaa on the bench.

And suddenly, minutes before the start of the match, the coaching staff, led by the Portuguese Josevaldo Ferreira, announced that the two had left on suspicion of being infected with the coronavirus.

Fatou left the formation and Muhammad Abdel Shafi replaced him and Abdullah Jumaa came from the reserves in the team.

The duo of Mohamed Hossam Besso and Hatem Sukar joined the roster to make up for the two forced absences.

After the match, Mortada Mansour, Zamalek club president, announced 4 decisions as follows:

1- Non-participation in the charade led by the Football Association with the Refereeing Commission, the aim of which is to give the rival club the championship title.

2- Imposing a fine on all players worth 20% of their contributions and suspending contributions for an indefinite period of time.

3- Arresting Ahmed Fatuh and Abdullah Jumaa, referring them to investigation and conducting tests on them tomorrow to confirm that they are not infected with the Corona virus.

4- Ahmed Fatuh and Abdullah Goma were offered for sale.

Mortada then made fiery statements on the Zamalek channel, accusing the duo of using cannabis.

Murtaza said: “Fatuh and Abdullah Jumaa entered the club with drugs. It is disrespectful to the club.”

He added: “Yesterday there was a meeting and Fatuh told me he wanted to leave and that he was going to Al-Ahly. I told him to give me an offer.”

And he confirmed: “The two drug addicts outside the club. When they found out there were analyzes of the heat, they didn’t play the match.”

And he continued: “I told him that when the results of the analysis come out, he will leave. This is a mockery. The coach had to change his main force because of these two absences.”

He pointed out: “He had to push the respected Mohammed Abdel Shafi, who returned after an injury from the house in the fire, to make up for the absentees.”

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