FilGoal | News | Source Haras El Hodood to Al Joule: Three bids to include Zico and we have priced out the player… and Al-Ahly’s position

FilGoal | News | Source Haras El Hodood to Al Joule: Three bids to include Zico and we have priced out the player… and Al-Ahly’s position

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A source at Haras El Hodoud Club has revealed an inquiry from Al-Ahly officials about the possibility of including Mustafa Zico, the team’s player.

Zico, who occupies the left wing position and is 25 years old, has received official offers from clubs in the Egyptian League to include the player in the winter transfer market this January.

Zico caught the attention of Egypt’s national team coaching staff this season, led by Roy Vitoria, and joined the camp but did not feature.

This was reported by a source from the border guard FilGoal.comAl-Ahly have contacted us to discuss the possibility of including Mustafa Zico.

The source added: “We have offers from Al-Masri, Future and National Bank for the transfer of the player.”

He revealed: “We have set an initial price to negotiate with every club to bring in Mustafa Zico for £40m.”

Zico was on Egypt’s national team roster for the camp, which ran from November 7 to 18 and included a friendly against Belgium on the 18th.

The 25-year-old grabbed the limelight for the first time after winning the Haras El Hodud Man of the Match award against Farko despite the loss and finding himself on the Egyptian national team list for the first time in his career.

Zico played 11 games for Haras El Hodoud in the league this season, scoring three goals.

And Zico managed to score in the last two games he played with Haras El Hodud, against Army Vanguards and El Mokaulun.

travel on board

Mostafa Zico started his career in the youth sector of the Club of the Republic of Shebin and finished in the Sunni categories until he joined the first team of the representative of Menufia province.

Zico grabbed the limelight early on and received many offers from Premier League clubs, according to statements from club officials.

Samir Kamuna, the former coach of Republika Shebin told “An outstanding player and during my time in charge of Republika Shebin, he appeared at a wonderful level and attracted the attention of many clubs.”

He added: “Zico’s method of playing is similar to Mustafa Shalabi, the Zamalek player. He excels at wing play and attacking forays.”

He revealed: “Zico received many offers during my stay, with Enpi and Ismaili the most prominently interested in bringing him in, but a financial dispute scuppered his transfer to one of them and he continued at the club.”

The beginning of the dream

In the summer of 2020, Shebin Republic Club announced the transfer of Mustafa Abdel Raouf to the ranks of Haras El Hodood Club, provided that the deal includes him receiving 25% as a percentage of the resale.

Seif Abdel Aziz, a member of the Shebin Republic Board of Directors, told at the time: “The player is from the youth sector of the club and was promoted three seasons ago with the first team. He is one of the main elements of the first team, even though he is 22 years old and plays as a playmaker.”

He added: “The player received more than one offer in the Premier League last summer and there was a continuous follow-up for him.”

The starting point

Zico started his career with Haras El Hodoud in the 2020-2021 season and the task of qualifying for the Premier League from the first season failed after Farko settled the promotion on goal difference.

Zico led Haras al-Hodoud to return to the league for the second season after topping the Bahri Group Second Division standings with 60 points and scoring the qualifying goal against the Olympic team during the fateful match that was decided by Haras al-Hodoud. led by Muhammad Makki, with a score of 2-1.

Maki told “A player with outstanding technical ability. He excels in playing in large stadiums and spaces and his dribbling skills. He can pass in the face of player to player and excels as a defensive liability due to his versatility in playing in more than one position and only needs to finish attacks well in front of goal.”

And he continued: “The Premier League provides the opportunity for spaces in the stadiums and this has shown its capabilities, unlike in the second division, because you cannot create spaces in front of clubs that do not give you the opportunity.”

He concluded: “We expected Zico to join the Egyptian national team after 7 weeks of the league competition, but the coaching staff noticed him early during the first three rounds because he was the best and showed good performances and deserved to be man of the match. the championship. match reward during the Pharco match.”

While Mohamed Halim, a former Border Guard coach, told, “When I was in charge of the Border Guard, we followed Mustafa Zico with the Shebin Republic team and he caught the eye with his speed and skill.”

And he continued: “The player played with the team for two seasons in the second division and achieved promotion with the club. He needed some training to improve his ability to finish attacks and I expect him to have a great future.”

And he continued: “Zico is distinguished by being involved in the 8th and 10th position as well as on the wing, and he can be close to Taher Muhammad Taher, the Al-Ahly player, in terms of performance.”

The only drawback

All the coaches who have watched Mustafa Zico in training have pointed out that he has strength, speed and skill, but they have talked about one negative point, which is the cessation of attacks on goal.

Ahmed Ayoub, the current coach of Haras El Hodud, told “When I first saw him, I knew he would become one of the bright stars in the league and be selected to join the Egyptian national team. He has all the assets he lacks to finish attacks on goal better.”

He added: “My joy is no less than that of the player himself and I have previously spoken about the presence of promising elements in the Border Guard who deserve to join the Egyptian national team.”

He continued: “Zico has the ability to continue with the strength of the Egyptian national team and I am happy that Haras El Hodoud has returned to its former glory in introducing talent to the Egyptian national team after many years of absence.”

Zico’s nickname

Abdel Rauf Mohamed, the Tanta club player nicknamed “The Great Zico” and brother of Mustafa Zico, explained the secret of the title.

Abdel Rauf told “Mustafa was named Zico as an extension of my nickname and he is free from anyone who gave him that title because my name was long and when we were together in the youth sector tests at the club of Shebin Republic, he was given the title Little Zico and the title continued with him.

And he continued: “My brother received many offers before Haras Al Hodud’s promotion to the Premier League, but his club stuck to him and refused his transfer.”

A dream project

Mustafa Zico, after joining the Egyptian national team, told “I feel very happy after joining the Egyptian national team, as it is a happiness that I cannot describe. Thank you all coaches and colleagues who supported me Every coach who trained me told me that you will reach a big stage.

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