FilGoal | News | South African coach: Tao should leave Al-Ahly in this case

FilGoal | News | South African coach: Tao should leave Al-Ahly in this case

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South African coach Hugo Bruce believes that Percy Tau should leave Al-Ahly next January if he continues not to get enough minutes.

“I think a player like Tao fits every coach’s plan to make that clear,” Bruce said on SABC’s South African network.

“When you see what happened to Percy Tau last year, he suffered from one injury to another, recovered and then played two or three games and had another injury and because of the injury he did not play against Ethiopia or France.”

He added, “Currently, he is not 100% ready. He is medically fit, but he does not get enough minutes in Al-Ahly. He has to play, and we hope that if he does not succeed in obtaining a good position in Al-Ahly, he will look for a new club that he can play with during the month of January.”

“We will be happy to see him play, whether with Al-Ahly or another team, so that Tao will be 100% ready for the two matches in March against Liberia,” he stressed.

“I don’t think calling Percy Tau to the national team now would be a good idea because he’s not ready, we’ve done that before, but we saw his performance against Ghana in September last year and also in November it wasn’t the Tao we know 100%.”

Tao participated with Al-Ahly since the beginning of the current season in the last two matches against Aswan and Al-Dakhiliya with a total of 23 minutes, while he missed the start of the season due to injury.

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