FilGoal | News | The Saudi national team publishes the scenes of Renard’s enthusiastic speech and the details of the victory over Argentina

FilGoal | News | The Saudi national team publishes the scenes of Renard’s enthusiastic speech and the details of the victory over Argentina

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“Give your best, we will face a great team, but you are also a great team and distinguished players, and you have great skills and capabilities.” With those words, Yasser Al-Mishal, President of the Saudi Football Association, sent a message to the Al-Akhdar players before meeting Argentina in the 2022 World Cup.

The Saudi national team defeated Argentina with two goals to one last Tuesday in the first round of the World Cup in Group C competitions at Lusail Stadium.

And the official account of the Saudi national team was published on the social networking site “Twitter”, in which the scenes of the sermon of Herve Renard, the coach of the team, came before and between the two halves of the match.

In addition to the speech of the captain of the Saudi national team, Salman Al-Faraj.

And to what Renard said now:

Look at the person sitting next to you in that lecture. Do you have confidence in him? Yes, because you know that he will do everything for you and you will do everything for him.

Therefore, we must always show solidarity with each other and trust. It is not easy to sit on the bench, but a few minutes can make the difference, so be ready. Trust the players who will start the match and who will participate as a substitute.

You should see your faces in the dressing room before you step onto the pitch and look at each other and tell your teammate I trust you so that he knows you trust him.

We know each other very well now, after 20 years you will remember this World Cup and you will probably see someone on the street and say to you: Yes, I remember that match and it was great, yes and this match in front of us is today’s match.

10 days until the end of the group stage, this is the chance of your life, after that it will be too late.

This morning 35 million Saudis are praying for you, and you know that, some of your families will be in the stands as well and some of them will be behind the screens because life will stop today in Saudi Arabia.

At one o’clock in the afternoon life will stop and they will focus on you, can you imagine that we bow our heads down and give up? Impossible, can you imagine all the people watching you?

We spent three years together and I want to thank you because today my mother will be in the stands, she has never seen a World Cup in her life and she is 80 years old and because of you she is here so thank you.

I wish you good luck.

After the end of the warm-up, it was time for Salman Al-Faraj’s speech, who said:

I think that in the World Cup you are playing for your country and your country, do not look at the result, it is in the knowledge of the unseen, on the other hand, give everything you have and make sure that this happens.

The fans came here not for you, but for your country. Play and fight for the slogan and the country. Have confidence. We are 11 players against 11, not against one or two players. Focus on 11 players only.

The coach finished his speech and we thank him for it. There are 81,000 fans in the stadium. We do not listen to them, but rather to ourselves, so we know how to attack and how to defend. We have the cards in front of us and all the duties of each of us.

I know I’m annoying but now we have to do everything we’ve been trained to do without talking.

Have fun and be responsible in playing.

And between the two halves of the match, and in light of Saudi Arabia’s delay, with a goal scored by Messi from a penalty kick, Renard exploded in the players’ face and said:

I’m doing like you guys now except for Salman because he can’t play but the rest what are we doing here? Salem what’s going on? Is this pressure?

Hassan, Messi gets the ball, you just stand and look at him, go cover him.

Will you take out your phones and take pictures with him? Run and close the spaces in front of him.

With the ball we are good, have you seen what you have done? Didn’t you feel your ability to draw?

We were playing comfortable, come on guys, this is the World Cup, give it your all.

Focus on scoring goals, let’s move.

After turning the tables, scoring two goals, and winning, Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, the Saudi Minister of Sports, spoke to the players and said:

You beat a candidate to win the World Cup and the best player in the world with your performance.

There are two matches left and you are able. If you want to win, you are able.

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