FilGoal | News | Xavi accused him of bribery and he was wrongly implicated in a prostitution and drug case. What is Zamalek’s decision against Al-Ahly?

FilGoal | News | Xavi accused him of bribery and he was wrongly implicated in a prostitution and drug case. What is Zamalek’s decision against Al-Ahly?

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He was mistakenly arrested by the police in a prostitution and drug case, Xavi Hernandez accused him of taking bribes, his decisions were criticized during the World Cup and he is very interested in charity work.

This is the controversial Slovenian referee Slavko Vincic, who was appointed to him by the Egyptian Football Association The task of managing the top match between Zamalek and Al-Ahly In the 14th round of the Premier League on Saturday night.

The crew includes: Tomas Klansnik as first assistant, Andraj Kovacic as second assistant and Nader Qamar Al-Daula as fourth referee.

The Slovenian Mate Gog appears in the video room, assisted by his compatriot Ain Borusak.

and pick you up A deeper look into the past of this 43-year-old referee.

long experience

Vincic received the international badge from FIFA in 2010 and has officiated many important matches since then.

In total, Vinčić appeared at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Euro 2020, 2019 FIFA World Youth Cup, 2017 FIFA World Youth Championship and 2017 European Youth Championship.

During his career, Vincic has taken charge of 24 Champions League matches, including twice in the quarter-finals.

FilGoal |  News |  Xavi accused him of bribery and he was wrongly implicated in a prostitution and drug case.  What is Zamalek’s decision against Al-Ahly?

He also officiated 21 Europa League matches, including the final of the last edition in 2022 and the semi-finals in 2021.

Vincic has also refereed matches in the European Nations League, Saudi League, Greek League and Roman League, with more than 220 in the Slovenian League.

The critics

The last major appearance was at the 2022 World Cup and Vincic witnessed the huge upset of Argentina’s 2-1 opener loss to Saudi Arabia.

On that day, Vincic was criticized for awarding Argentina a penalty that some felt was insufficient to constitute a foul.

But the fiercest criticism Vincic was subjected to this season was over the match between Inter Milan, Italy, and Barcelona, ​​Spain, in the group stage of the Champions League.

In what many attribute to Barcelona’s early farewell to the competition, Inter won it with an unanswered goal, but in its final moments we saw a handball by Inter’s Denzel Dumfries which Vincic refused to award as a penalty.

Then Xavi Hernandez, the Barcelona coach, appeared on the touchline with a sarcastic gesture, as if accusing the referee of taking bribes.

After the match, Barcelona president Joan Laporta opened fire, saying: “They made us very angry. It was a big scandal that the referee didn’t call a penalty for that kick and the video technology didn’t correct his decision.”

Salah story

Fincic has never taken charge of matches in Egyptian stadiums, but witnessed a legendary feat from Egyptian star Mohamed Salah this season.

Vincic officiated the match between Glasgow Rangers and Liverpool in the Champions League, which the Reds won 7-1.

On that day, Salah scored 3 goals in 6 minutes, which is the fastest hat-trick in the history of the Champions League.

Ato arrest

The big crisis Al-Hakam experienced in his life dates back to 2020, when he was arrested by the Bosnian police.

Vincic appeared in a video clip published by Croatian newspaper 24sata with 9 women and 26 men in the presence of weapons and cocaine.

The footage is very strong, showing men sitting on beds with their hands tied behind their backs, guns on the table and floor, and several scantily clad women in the back of a limousine and in outdoor pools.

“I ended up on this farm by accident. I have my own company and I was in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a job interview,” says Vincic about the scenes of that day.

He continues: “I accepted the lunch invitation, but afterwards I found it was the biggest mistake of my life and I regretted it. I was sitting at a table and suddenly the police came and what happened happened.”

And he emphasizes: “I have no relationship with the group that was arrested, and I have no relationship with any of my partners.”

And he confirms: “We were at the police station, but as witnesses and when it became clear that we did not know these people, they let us go.”

Police issued an official statement after clarifying that 14 packages of cocaine, 10 guns, 3 ounces of bullets, more than $10,000 in cash and confiscated phones and laptops were found in the house.

the family

At the top of Zamalek and Al-Ahly, Tomas Klansnik and Andraj Kovacic will be Finchic’s assistants, and for him they are not just two referees, but more like family.

After appearing at the World Cup with this duo and officiating the Saudi Arabia match, Vincic said: “We spend a lot of time together, travelling, officiating matches and attending training sessions.”

He pointed out: “We spent 30 days together in Qatar alone. Thomas and Andreas are my second family and this positive energy between us is very important.”

And he continued: “We feel each other not only during matches, but also off the field, we know each other well and how we react to certain situations.”

He pointed out: “We are very proud of our refereeing career. I am very lucky with my assistants. Without them I would not have achieved what I have achieved.’

The good

Vincic is also known to be active in philanthropy through his own projects and recently started a new venture.

“This is a social responsibility project,” Vinčić says of his project. “In February, we will start a fundraising campaign for the Humanetrachek Foundation.”

He explained: “We will be collecting donations to help the elderly. With the donations, we will help those who do not have the financial ability to cover the costs of electricity and heating in the winter.”

And he concluded: “Donations will be raised through a charity auction for the World Cup ball and the shirt I wore when officiating the matches in Qatar in 2022.”

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