Football Association: We are ready to investigate..and we have nothing to hide

Football Association: We are ready to investigate..and we have nothing to hide

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Ihab El-Koumi, a member of the Football Association’s board of directors, was keen to clarify the fact that the Ministry of Youth and Sports opened an investigation with El-Gabaleya in the circumstances of the friendly match between Egypt and Belgium.

And there was widespread controversy about the value of the Football Association’s contract with the organizing company, the Belgium Friendly, which was held last Friday and ended with the victory of the Pharaohs, 2-1.

Al-Koumi said in statements via Sada Al-Balad channel: “Welcome to any oversight body or investigation of anything related to the Football Association, and we are all confident in ourselves and in all the contracts that we have concluded, especially those related to matches.”

He added, “Dr. Ashraf Sobhi has the right as a censor to verify the validity of anything, but (we don’t walk behind social media) because social media should not direct public opinion.”

And he continued: “As I explained previously, a match was supposed to be held between Egypt and Argentina, but the difficulty of the dates prevented that, so we agreed to offer the Belgium match presented by a company.”

El-Koumi: Belgium got $500,000 from Egypt’s friendly

He continued, “The company that organized the meeting bore the costs of the trip and accommodation, in addition to our obtaining 250 thousand dollars, and it did not require the participation of a specific star in the match, led by Mohamed Salah.”

And the member of the Football Association continued his speech: “What was raised about the Belgian side receiving a million dollars or more than that is not true, and the evidence is that the Belgian newspapers indicated that their team received 500 thousand dollars as the second ranked in the world.”

He pointed out: “The Ministry of Sports only sent an inquiry to the Football Association regarding the circumstances of the contract that took place regarding the Egypt-Belgium match, and we responded to them with documents and with full transparency because we have nothing to hide.”

He explained, “The Football Association had previously received an offer from its Jordanian counterpart to hold a friendly match between the two teams, but the main condition was that Mohamed Salah would participate in 45 minutes, but we rejected this offer.”

Ehab El-Komy revealed that the previous councils of the Football Association did not receive any financial compensation for friendly matches against international teams.

On this matter, he said: “The previous councils from 2010 did not get any money for their friendly matches against international teams, but in the Belgium match we got money.”

And he continued: “In 2018, after we went to the World Cup in Russia, Egypt played 3 friendly matches against Greece, Portugal and Belgium, and we did not get any money, but the Football Association paid 400,000 euros.”

He added, “The Football Association also bore the costs of flight and accommodation, in addition to 5,000 dollars for the Liberian national team, in order to hold a friendly match with them.”

Ehab El-Komy: We are on the right track

And he added, saying: “It was the first to praise what the Football Association did after we got money from the Belgium friendly, and this is something that counts for us and not for us, and we are on the right path.”

Al-Koumi talked about the scenes of distributing tickets for the friendly match against Belgium, saying: “It has never happened before that the Football Association participated in the profits or losses of the companies that organize the match so that it does not represent a risk to the federation. All federations work to earn money, and the organizing company has the right to others to win.

And he continued, “The company organizing the Egypt match was able to sell 28,000 tickets for one million dollars, but it allowed fans who did not have tickets to enter the stadium about an hour before the start of the match.”

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