Girls’s Cosmic Persona Quiz: Are You a Star Girl or an Earth Mom?

Girls’s Cosmic Persona Quiz: Are You a Star Girl or an Earth Mom?

Girls’s Cosmic Persona Quiz: Are You a Star Girl or an Earth Mom?

Girls’s Cosmic Persona Quiz: Are You a Star Girl or an Earth Mom?

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Star Girls are visionary leaders, and centered on the long run. Earth

Moms are centered on nurturing, caring, and giving. Figuring out which of

these lovely photos finest represents you possibly can lend you a greater

understanding of your personal nature and enhance your relationships with


All ladies have each Earth Mom and Star Girl attributes, however one

is your major identification. When the scenario requires it, we will name forth

the opposite persona sort to assist us.”

Discover out the place you stand within the cosmos. Give your self one level for

every assertion that’s most frequently true about you:

  1. I’d relatively lead than observe.
  2. I hate home tasks.
  3. I at all times dreamed of getting my very own enterprise.
  4. I’m very bold.
  5. I like envisioning the long run and making it occur.
  6. I take extra dangers than most different folks.
  7. I’m decisive.
  8. I will do nearly something to keep away from feeling depending on different folks.
  9. I often earn more money than my associate or the boys I date.
  10. My associate works for me.
  11. In a gaggle scenario I at all times find yourself taking cost.
  12. I may be so centered on my targets that I do not discover folks’s emotions.
  13. I am extra snug being in management more often than not.
  14. I generally act like a prima donna.
  15. I pursue my targets slowly.
  16. I believe extra in regards to the massive image than the main points.
  17. I am good at inspiring different folks to take motion.
  18. I’ve issue enjoyable and placing work apart.
  19. I really feel that I am right here to perform one thing actually vital.
  20. I am at all times pondering and planning far forward.


1 – 7 Factors — Earth Mom

Thank goodness for sturdy Earth Moms! We’d like the nurturing,

sustaining vitality you grounded gals deliver to this world. Earth Moms

derive nice satisfaction from selflessly giving, serving and serving to different

folks. Their energy and management skills are directed in the direction of

others. They’re the great ladies who attend to, and look after, their

households and communities.

As a result of Earth Moms usually have bother saying “no” to others and

are usually folks pleasers, you could end up simple prey for

dominating males. Work on discovering your internal heart of energy so that you

may have the emotional power to ensure your wants and opinions

are taken severely.

8 – 13 Factors — Mixture Earth Mom & Star Girl

A terrific many ladies have managed to domesticate a beautiful steadiness of

each Earth Mom and Star Girls traits. Mild however highly effective,

mixture ladies are a pressure to be reckoned with!

In sure circumstances or durations of life, you could end up leaning

extra carefully to 1 position or the opposite. Enjoy your skill to steadiness the

mixture and be pleased with all you might be.

14 – 20 Factors — Star Girl

Welcome to the cosmic membership of Star Girls! You gung-ho gals are

pure born leaders who’re pushed to set and achieve targets and

who persuades and evokes others. Formidable visionaries, Star Girls

are sometimes destined for greatness.

Whereas Star Girls possess an incredible masculine, action-oriented sort of

vitality, you could end up just a little quick within the nurturing and empathy

division. This may make you seem chilly or standoffish to others.

Work on growing a pool of extra mild, receptive female vitality to

steadiness issues out and let your softer facet present.

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