He delays renewal.. Will Al-Ahly lead a rebellion against Ashour inside Zamalek?

He delays renewal.. Will Al-Ahly lead a rebellion against Ashour inside Zamalek?

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Several press reports, and some media reports, during the last hours, reported that Imam Ashour, the first football team player in Zamalek club, revolted inside the White Castle, and refused to extend his contract with the white team, and his desire to leave the team, in light of the external offers that I reached the player, during the recent period, after his brilliance with Zamalek, achieving many successes and championships, and the strong goals he scored, to draw the attention of everyone in the Arab and Gulf leagues.

Portuguese coach Josevaldo Ferreira, coach of the first football team at Zamalek club, held a session with the players before the start of group training for Al-Abyad today, Sunday, at Abdel Latif Abu Rgeila Stadium, at the White Castle headquarters, in preparation for the upcoming period.

The session witnessed a quick talk between the coach and the players about the training paragraphs, and some of the tactical and technical ideas to be implemented during the training, as Ferreira hopes, to equip all the players, especially as he hopes to return again to the path of victories, and achieve victory and reconciliation of the white masses during the coming period.

The first football team in Zamalek is preparing to face Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi on November 26, at the Army Stadium in Borg El Arab, as part of the quarter-final matches of the Egypt Cup, where the white team hopes to reconcile the fans and achieve victory during the coming period.

Zamalek officials, headed by Mortada Mansour, demanded, in front of Ashour, that a session be held during the past days, in order to talk about the recent crisis regarding the money he receives with the white team, and to raise the financial compensation in light of the offers made to him by some Gulf clubs, where the player refused more From a session with officials, in addition to his delay in training, and his late arrival on the field, which angered Ferreira, the coach of the white team.

Responsible sources inside the Al-Ahly club revealed the truth of the news that had been circulated during the last hours, regarding the leadership of the red team, the rebellion of Imam Ashour inside Zamalek, and his incitement not to sign his contract with the white team, and to join Al-Ahly during the coming period, especially since the player succeeded in proving his worth with Zamalek. During the last period.

The responsible sources within Al-Ahly club confirmed in exclusive statements to “Al-Ahly News”, that there are no contacts with Imam Ashour, in order to incite the player to escape from Zamalek club or contract with him during the recent period, but there is a desire if the player agrees to play for Al-Ahly, it will be Contracting him, especially as he is a good player, and he will get double what he was getting in Zamalek.

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