Hossam Hassan’s first response to The Seventh Day on being fined £100,000

Hossam Hassan’s first response to The Seventh Day on being fined £100,000

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Hossam Hassan, the technical director of the first football team at the Al-Masri Al-Port Said club, responded to the £100,000 fine announced by Amer Hussain, head of the competition committee, for breaking the “it wasAs he described it, during Al-Masri’s last match against Aswan in the tenth round of Al-Duri’s life.

And that was enough Hossam Hasan Responding to the decision to fine him £100,000 for The Seventh Day with a simple sentence: “Leave it to God.”

In a related context, Amer Hussein, chairman of the Egyptian Football Association’s competition committee, revealed the penalties for the tenth round of the Egyptian Premier League competition. Amer Hussain said in radio statements: “The cases were not many in this round and the technical staff of the Ceramica team will be fined £25,000, due to the collective objection to the decision after Al-Ahly stood up.”“.

Amer Hussain added: “You will be fined Hossam Hassan, coach of Al-Masri Al-Port Said 100 thousand pounds, in addition to covering the cost of repairing the VAR screen that was damaged, but he is waiting for the company’s letter with the costs to inform Al-Masri, which is expected to be 2,000 euros.“.

The head of the Egyptian Federation’s Competitions Committee pointed out that the statement of the Pyramids club regarding the transfer of the confrontation with Al-Ahly to the Cairo International Stadium did not complete the full list of articles, saying: “The Pyramids relied on Article 65, but all the clubs did not own a stadium and therefore there is a change, whether it’s technical or security-related, and that’s there.”“.

Hussain added: “There is an emergency that gets in the way, as happened in the Pharco match against Al-Ahly, which was moved from Alexandria to the Burj Al-Arab Stadium three days before because of a marathon.”“.

Amer Hussain pointed out that the Pyramids Club itself had matches transferred to it by the Air Force a few days earlier due to the change of ground, and the club knows the circumstances and has clubs that hire stadiums, and therefore the regulation point contains all these circumstances and therefore the match is transferred without referring to the competitor especially since he has an alternative stadium for the clubs and we are better than other countries but at the same time less than other countries and we are looking for development Farko and Al-Ittihad match too was transferred and they got their letter two days before the game and no one objected.

A member of the Egyptian federation said: “I am not responsible for the presence of 10 clubs from Cairo, which is one province, and 3 clubs playing in one stadium, and the Pyramids should not have fabricated this crisis and if they approached us, we would to send a formal response.’“.

He concluded by saying: “There was a match between the Pyramids and the Home Office and it was ceded, and the Pyramids themselves did not object to the matter, especially since the rules apply and there is no club to object to the transfer match.”

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