How to enable Bluetooth on your Stadia controller

How to enable Bluetooth on your Stadia controller

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Google is shutting down its cloud game streaming service Stadia on January 18, 2023, but this gives the Stadia Wireless Controller a second chance as a Bluetooth controller which can be connected to PCs, Macs, phones and possibly other devices. The change will not happen automatically; this is a manual process that cannot be reversed. What’s more, you only have until December 31, 2023 to make the switch to enable Bluetooth wireless. After that date, any non-converted Stadia controller will continue to work as a wired USB gamepad, but will be locked to wireless gaming.

I’ll walk you through the process of converting your Stadia controller using Google’s browser-based tool.

  • Make sure your controller is charged above the 10 percent level. (It won’t let you continue until it’s charged enough.)
  • Open up The Google Stadia Controller Update Tool in Chrome or Microsoft Edge. (Signing into your Google account is not necessary or even possible to complete this process.)
  • Click on the launch button in the Switch to Bluetooth mode section. You will be prompted to agree Google Terms and Conditions. (Agreement is the only option that allows you to continue.)

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  • You will then need to allow your browser to check the controller. Click on Allow Chrome to verify button.
  • This will cause a small drop-down window to appear in the upper left corner of your browser. Your Stadia controller should be visible. Choose Get in touch option.
Screenshot showing how to enable Bluetooth mode on your Google Stadia controller

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