Important statement from the Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization regarding the Zamalek incident

Important statement from the Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization regarding the Zamalek incident

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The Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) issued a statement to clarify the important issues for everyone, and the statement came as follows.

Within the framework of the Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization “NADO” to clarify important matters for all and after observing the spread of a state of controversy and misinformation regarding anti-doping matters, the latter of which is related to the Zamalek club, specifically a football team and to prevent of malpractice, the organization vindicates Egypt on a number of important points, as follows.

– The Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization is the only body entrusted with the sampling of athletes in Egypt and in all sports, whether individual or team.

– It is not allowed to issue any statements or comments regarding anti-doping events or the use of the organization’s logo, except through the Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization, in order not to issue false statements that cause controversy and harm the athletes.

To correct the comments and statements circulated regarding the Zamalek football team, the organization confirms the following:

First: The Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization has the right, in accordance with the International Code and the International Standard for Sampling and Investigations (ISTI), to attend all championships and competitions in all sports, whether individual or team, to collect samples for detection of doping and also has the right to take samples from any athlete in individual or team sports at any time and anywhere outside the competition without prior notice (home – club – camp – training – … etc.).

Second: The Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization denies any announcement made by the Medical Commission of the Egyptian Olympic Committee regarding the warning against falling into the trap of collusion with the club. Zamalek It was also broadcast on a television program.

Third: No athlete has the right to refuse to submit to the withdrawal of a sample from him by the Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization, whether it is a sample of urine or blood.

Fourth: A correction to what is currently being raised that sampling in team games, including football, is only done by drawing random samples from the two competing teams. This is completely incorrect because according to the International Standard for Sampling and Investigations (ISTI), it is possible for the sampling to be random. Either by selecting any particular athlete in the ‘Result Sheet’ list or and both (randomly and selecting a specific player) or selecting a specific athlete’s name (Target Test) and the player, doctor, administrator or coach has no right to refuse this, and in case of refusal, the termination rules will apply to him of the anti-doping action, which can reach the maximum penalty (4 years suspension).

Fifth: Out-of-competition analysis applies to all athletes in individual and team sports, including football, and this is in contrast to the location tracking program, which means that out-of-competition analysis also applies to athletes who are not involved in the location program.

Sixth: The inclusion of athletes in the location program is according to many factors that the organization mentions in the risk assessment document, and is not limited to international athletes with outstanding results.

Seventh: The Organization shall not publish any comments or statements, nor publicize the procedures it undertakes in any anti-doping case discovered, except after reaching the end of the investigations and procedures followed in accordance with the International Standard for Confidentiality and Preservation of Confidentiality of Information (ISPPPI). .

Eight: The Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization confirms that the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Egyptian Olympic Committee are in constant cooperation with the organization to achieve a clean sport without doping.

Anti-doping declaration

Important statement from the Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization regarding the Zamalek incident
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