Islamic Invasion

Islamic Invasion

Islamic Invasion

Islamic Invasion

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The worldwide Islamic invasion was envisioned by Nostradamus within the mid-1500s. Amongst different prophesies, he described Anti-Christian Muslim forces in Iraq and Syria, and persecution within the Muslim international locations of Asia, particularly Turkey. From Israel the struggle extends to Western Europe and there can be a Third World Warfare utilizing nuclear missiles…

In his apocalyptic prophesies, Nostradamus described the Islamic demographic motion or invasion into Europe. This prophesies has turn out to be a actuality.

From 1990 to 2010 there was vital demographic change in most European international locations. The pure immigration from Islamic international locations into Europe has considerably elevated the scale of the Muslim minorities in these international locations.

Muslims wrestle to transform the world to Islam. Previously, Christianity and Islam wished to unfold the phrase to everyone in every single place, by power if obligatory. Right this moment Christians and sure different religions now not want to use power within the identify of their religion; nonetheless, Muslims do.

On this age of political correctness in Europe and within the USA, this invasion is mostly ignored within the identify of multiculturalism. Muslims even have right-wing acceptance and help from anti-Jewish components in Europe.

Time is working in favor of the Muslim minorities. As Europe turns into older, the Muslim communities will become the bulk as their demographic enhance is about 3 times higher than that of indigenous Europeans. Yet one more prophecy of Nostradamus is being fulfilled.

There are those that don’t imagine in prophesies basically and notably not these written in riddles, which can have a number of interpretations.

When one considers the numerous prophesies which have confirmed right, nonetheless, it’s moderately troublesome to dismiss them as nonsense.

The good band and cruciger sect,

Will stand in Mesopotamia:

From the close by river Compagnie Lege,

That such a legislation will maintain as an enemy. [CIII, Q61]

The good band and anti-Christian sect of Muslims will stand up in Iraq and Syria close to the Euphrates with a tank power and can maintain the [Christian] legislation to be its enemy.

This explicit interpretation was by Jean-Charles de Fontbrune, translated by Alexis Lykiard, printed again in 1984. A later interpretation is:

The good host and sect of the crusaders,

Can be massed in Mesopotamia:

Of the close by river the quick firm,

That such legislation will maintain for the enemy.

This Islamic evolution appears to be inevitable and on the identical time we are able to see the long-term affect of expertise on demographic modifications and the will of individuals for freedom.

This evolution is especially noticeable in international locations the place persons are oppressed by civilians or army dictatorships.

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