Klopp: The Liverpool player suffered a concussion, and we are all guilty of missing the World Cup

Klopp: The Liverpool player suffered a concussion, and we are all guilty of missing the World Cup

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Jurgen Klopp, head coach of the LiverpoolBefore the Tottenham match, on Sunday, in the 15th round of the English Premier League.

And he said club In the match press conference: “Jordan Henderson is ready for the match, he had a simple thing that wouldn’t stop him from playing the match, as for James Milner, he suffered a concussion and went through the treatment protocol, and he can resume his training on Monday.”

He added: “It is difficult, you need two sources, the doctor and the patient, I spoke to him and he was 100 percent fine, we have come a long way when they were saying (he was hit in the head, he doesn’t know who he is), (he told him it was Pele and brought him back to the field). Again), a good joke but we’ve come a long way since then.”

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“He’s a real threat in the final meters of the field, he’s involved in everything, he’s always an option to pass, he was involved in both goals on Tuesday, so he’s making big strides.”

He continued, talking about the match: “It is a big match for us, I did not calculate the difference in points between us, they are well organized in defense, and their counter-attacks are very strong, they scored goals in the last minutes recently, so we are ready for a strong opponent.”

And he continued: “It will be a difficult match, but that is what we all want, it is like a Champions League match in the English Premier League, and this is how we will deal with it.”

And about playing with different systems, he said: “Our problems and the reason for changing the systems was the lack of players, but we did not defend well. My main job is to help the boys do what they do in the most confident way they have, in the last match against Napoli we defended well.”

On Fabinho, Klopp said: “The Napoli match was a clear sign of how we knew Fabinho, a good match, he defended in all positions at a different level than the week before, so I felt good for him, a good start in the right direction.”

He ended his comments by talking about the many injuries before the World Cup and the absence of prominent players: “I hate this topic, these problems were so obvious and no one mentioned them once until 3-4 weeks before the World Cup, we are all guilty of allowing this to happen in the first place.”

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