Kohler defies expectations, clings to surprise player and refuses to leave Al-Ahly –

Kohler defies expectations, clings to surprise player and refuses to leave Al-Ahly –

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Swiss Marcel Kohler, the coach of Al-Ahly club, defied expectations and insisted on the survival of many players in the red ranks, but stressed the need for one of those who were on the exit radar in the winter transfers to be away from the ranks.

Kohler has ruled out Mohamed Fakhri leaving on loan or leaving permanently, stressing that he wants the player to continue next term because of his abilities, which may be needed next term.

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Al-Ahly club news site has learned Ahly news That Kohler has informed the administration of an honorable exit from the list of players to be relied upon for the upcoming period and that they will be far from the official need to be with the red team.

The source added that Fakhri is happier with the decision regarding Swiss Marcel Kohler, Red Castle’s technical director, after retaining his services, especially as the player prepares to leave the ranks in the upcoming period.

The source explained that Mohamed Fahri also wants to move on, and Kohler stressed to the assistants that Fahri will be one of the solutions to be used this season, despite the many offers for the player on loan.

Fakhri, who came into full force last August with the Al-Ahly club, while resting the main players from the arena of accumulated local and African appearances, as the red team looks to take advantage of it again.

Al-Ahly Club is still waiting for many radical changes to be made in the important offensive aspect to reach the distinctive combination of players at all levels and is exploring the procedure to include many strikers in the upcoming period.

Koller researched many forward biographies, and Amir Tawfiq, the director of contracts at Al-Ahly club, entered into serious negotiations to include several players and find out the financial compensation for the clubs where these players play.

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