Kohler: Kahraba did everything I asked and we turned to the new striker

Kohler: Kahraba did everything I asked and we turned to the new striker

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Swiss coach Marcel Kohler confirmed the coach of Al-Ahly that he was satisfied with what the team performed against Smouha, in the match that took place between them at the Cairo International Stadium in the semi-finals of the Egypt Cup, which ended in Al-Ahly’s Victory 3/1 and qualifying for the final.

Kohler said in the post-match press conference: “I’m happy that we qualified for the final and we performed well in the first half.

Kohler added: “Kahraba did everything I asked of him and he got the credit for our big progress in the first half and there is no player who can keep the card for his permanent presence in the formation. Kahraba played a great game today and we will see if he can play the next strong game at the same level or not.”

Regarding deals, he said: “New deals need more time to show their full potential. They work hard and try to save the tasks assigned to them. They have some time to adapt to our way of playing and a new trio showed up at an excellent level in today’s match.”

He explained: “We have more time to sign a strong striker for the team and the negotiations to bring in an excellent player are always exhausting, but I am confident that I will get the services of an excellent striker.”

He added: “Koka and Messi are good players and have a great future ahead of them. They were disappointed not to be involved today but they will get that opportunity soon and the future will be for them with a bit of patience and work.”

And he continued: “Hamdi Fathi suffered from strong and violent collisions that he suffered during the Smouha match. I don’t know if he will join the match at the top or not. He is an excellent and important player and I hope he will join meeting.”

Regarding the injured, he said: “Mohamed Abdel Moneim will go through group training from tomorrow and we will look at his medical condition to determine the possibility of pushing him to the top.”

He explained: “Ali Maalul is like a dynamo. He is a very important player. We just need to reconfigure it as if it’s a machine that has suffered some fatigue and needs some oil to get it back to normal.”

Kohler concluded: “We have a big list of players and we also have players coming back from injuries. A player to be included in our team must have many things, the most important of which is that he has a higher level than those in the team, in addition to our need for his position, as well as the appropriate financial value. “

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