Kohler promises Mustafa Saad a full opportunity in Al-Ahly

Kohler promises Mustafa Saad a full opportunity in Al-Ahly

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Mustafa Saad, Al-Ahly’s new player, received a promise from the Swiss coach, Marcel Koller, to participate in the official matches of the Red Team during the coming period, especially since the player did not participate with Al-Ahly in any match since the beginning of the current season, unlike Shadi Hussein, his former colleague in Ceramica team that participated more than once with the red team.

Koller confirmed to Mustafa Saad that he will have a role with Al-Ahly in the coming period, and he has distinguished capabilities and will represent the strong technical addition to the team, noting that his exit from the technical accounts in the last period was due to the lack of training with the red team sufficiently since the arrival of Koller, as he joined the national team. Olympic in more than one camp.

Mustafa Saad is awaiting the opportunity to participate with Al-Ahly after obtaining a promise from Kohler, that he will have a role with the Red Team during the coming period.

The first football team in Al-Ahly Club continued its training this morning, Sunday, at the Touch Stadium on the island, under the leadership of the team’s coach, Marcel Koehler.

The players practiced in the gym for half an hour; Under the supervision of Andreas Andoya, the team’s load coach.

Marcel Koller, the coach, led the players in a variety of technical sessions, including cross-ball training and goal-shooting..

The three goalkeepers in the team: Ali Lotfi, Mustafa Schubert and Mustafa Makhlouf, performed intensive training under the supervision of Yancon Michel, goalkeeper coach..

The team resumed its training yesterday, Saturday morning, at Al-Touch Stadium in Al-Jazira, after the negative rest that the players received for 24 hours, after the victory over Al-Dakhiliya 4-1 in the match that brought the two teams together last Wednesday evening in the third round of the Egyptian Club League Championship.

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